Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A stolen photo

I was quite surprised to see a photo that I had made for G's rainbow party that I posted about here had been "stolen" from presumably this blog and has been making the round on the internet only for me to see today in the form of this post:

I have no idea who Alison is but she replied to my comment when I told her this was my personal photo I created. Apparently she has seen this image on a number of different sites online. Now I'm  honored that Genesis blog has reached that many people but what I don't appreciate is people taking photos without permission or giving credit to the source. Of course it's not my quote but it is my photo. Complete with typo. That's how I knew it was mine. Makes me sad that once again, something that I had posted has now been taken away and not given credit to. I didn't want to have to do this but perhaps I will have to watermark each and every photo. Sigh.

After a few comments back and forth with Allison, her story is not making sense. First she told me the image went viral and so many places have it she could not remember where she saw it. Then in another comment she said she saw it on Pinterest. I checked Pinterest and I could not find my image on there. I did a google search and clicked images and only found that exact photo linked to my blog. I think someone is not telling the truth. She kept saying it's not my quote but that's besides the point. It is however my photo. 


This morning I woke up to find out the photo was shared on another popular page:
I commented on the photo with the following:
The admin of the Attachment parenting 24/7 page seemed nice enough but I went on to tell her that I wasnt offended but that I would like the credit given. If she would like I can provide the photo with the included watermark to give credit. I never heard a reply. A bit later I saw an update on the same page:
Of course many of her page likers then commented in agreement with the update. I of course had to reply.

Then all seemed fine when the admin asked me to provide her the copy that gives credit. Until others started commenting:
You know, I feel I said my piece. I stood up for what was right. But now I am hesitant on giving them this url because of all the negative comments I may get because of this facebook bs. smh.

And apparently another blogger with quite the following also shared my image. I commented the best way I know how:

Really this is all I have to say to sum it up. Things that I create, weather you think its amazing or cheap or whatever, are mine. Stealing isnt ok just because you found it on the internet. Im not really sure how my photo got out. And really thats besides the point. Yes I suppose I am to blame as well for not initially watermarking it but even so, stealing is stealing. I stood up for the principle of it all. Now that apparently it has gone viral I know there is little I can do now. But if in my efforts I can get just one person to give credit to this blog, and in turn to Genesis, because after all it is because of her that I had a hope for rainbow babies to begin with, then that is fine with me. It has never been my intention for ME to get credit. Just this blog which to me is giving credit to Genesis. So thats all I have to say. I want her story to live on long after I am no longer here. 

Having said that, if any of you would like to share the image please feel free to use this image only:
And yes, I finally corrected that typo ;)

Because I have now provided the photo with the appropriate credit this blog may get some unwanted attention brought over from the people on facebook who are commenting with negative comments. For now, I am going to hide this post and schedule it to publish at the end of the year. Hopefully things will have calmed down by then.

Thanks again for your support.

ONE LAST UPDATE (promise): It seems that the majority of people that I contacted about my stolen photo have complied and either posted the photo with the correct photo credit or have removed the stolen photo. Everyone has been very nice and understanding when I brought this to their attention. So for that I am very thankful.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A few winks

Today at work I was browsing the web and I got a wink from my girl. A video ad popped up and it said Genesis Media in the corner. Then when I got home my sister was opening a letter and this caught my eye.
Yup :) totally a wink. Made my day that I'll be ending the year with a couple of winks from my girl.

Lastly I'm not sure if your recall but the pink headed humming bird that I usually see has most definitely left. And the tree she used to perch in has been chopped down :( im not sure who did it or why. Probably the city. And I don't even know when it was done. I didn't even notice until D told me one day.

This picture is a picture I took before and the sweet humming bird was actually sitting in the tree when I took this.

And this is the empty spot that is there now.
It made me sad to see that it was just gone without warning. Sort of like Genesis. 

In other news it was raining here not too long ago and I saw the most amazing rainbow.
Isn't that beautiful! And the photo does not do it justice. It was so so bright. Before I got home it was actually a double rainbow.
But the second one faded by the time I got home. 

And I thought these photos were appropriate:
My rainbows with a rainbow.

And me with a rainbow (in my belly) and in the pic ;)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Just got a wink

As I was browsing the web, one of those annoying video ads popped up and I saw this in the corner:
Just watched yet another video and look at the length of the video:
Yup. Def another wink.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another reminder of what should have been

Remember this post where to my surprise, I found out there is a little girl named Genesis at G's school. Seeing that first piece of school work with her name on it stopped me in my tracks. 

There was a wall full of art from all the other kids but this is the one I saw when I looked up. I can't help but think I was meant to see it. 

Again, I went to G's school yesterday and saw this:

I have mixed feelings when I see this little girls work. At first it makes me smile. Happy I got a "wink". Happy to remember my first child. But then the more I look at it the more I realize all the milestones I have missed and will continue to miss.

As the rainbows get older and now both are in school, they bring home mountains of schoolwork, artwork and projects. They want to save every little paper they made a mark on. I save many. More than I should. But I can't keep everything. I keep the cutest most adorable heartfelt pictures I can. 

I found myself looking back at many of their pieces of art just admiring their skill, creativity and love and thought they put into it. When I see artwork from the Genesis at G's school, it reminds me that this is the closest I will ever see of any artwork, schoolwork or projects with her name on it. I was robbed of this mother's luxury with her. Sigh.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why can't I just be a normal pregnant lady

I had an OB appointment yesterday. Usually at this point in pregnancy all my OB appointments consist of measurements, asking if I have any questions and listening the the heartbeat with the doppler. 

To my surprise they had me go into the ultrasound room. At first I was glad that I got to see D2 again and possibly get some pictures if he cooperated. But the longer I waited in that room for the doctor to come in the more my mind began to fill with thoughts. 

"Why am I having an ultrasound at this gestation?"

"Why didn't she mention at my last appointment that I would be having an ultrasound today?"

"At my last appointment she was hinting at the baby's position and how she 'didn't know how she was going to deliver the baby yet'. Could this ultrasound be another scare tactic to hint once again at a c-section?"

"There must be something she hasn't told me… maybe she suspects something is wrong."

So all these thoughts and more flooded my head. Of course she came in and asked if I had any questions and my main question was why am I having an ultrasound but I just let it be as I would probably be getting my answer soon anyway. Of course the ultrasound was to get measurements and everything looked great just as before. So it was a good appointment. But As I left the office I realized I was the last patient for the day.

I cannot tell you how much I hate being saved for last. I mentioned several times in this blog that's what Dr. Devore did when he gave me Genesis fatal diagnosis. It just brings back horrible memories and fears.

Speaking of good ol Dr. Devore, I need to schedule an appointment to see him in 2 weeks. Again another red flag in my head. I have never had to see him in any of my past rainbow pregnancies this late in pregnancy. And when I asked my OB why Dr. Devore wanted me to come back her reply was "Im not sure, but he usually has a reason." Great. Now I am worried about that "reason".
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