Friday, December 6, 2013

Another reminder of what should have been

Remember this post where to my surprise, I found out there is a little girl named Genesis at G's school. Seeing that first piece of school work with her name on it stopped me in my tracks. 

There was a wall full of art from all the other kids but this is the one I saw when I looked up. I can't help but think I was meant to see it. 

Again, I went to G's school yesterday and saw this:

I have mixed feelings when I see this little girls work. At first it makes me smile. Happy I got a "wink". Happy to remember my first child. But then the more I look at it the more I realize all the milestones I have missed and will continue to miss.

As the rainbows get older and now both are in school, they bring home mountains of schoolwork, artwork and projects. They want to save every little paper they made a mark on. I save many. More than I should. But I can't keep everything. I keep the cutest most adorable heartfelt pictures I can. 

I found myself looking back at many of their pieces of art just admiring their skill, creativity and love and thought they put into it. When I see artwork from the Genesis at G's school, it reminds me that this is the closest I will ever see of any artwork, schoolwork or projects with her name on it. I was robbed of this mother's luxury with her. Sigh.


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