Friday, December 27, 2013

A few winks

Today at work I was browsing the web and I got a wink from my girl. A video ad popped up and it said Genesis Media in the corner. Then when I got home my sister was opening a letter and this caught my eye.
Yup :) totally a wink. Made my day that I'll be ending the year with a couple of winks from my girl.

Lastly I'm not sure if your recall but the pink headed humming bird that I usually see has most definitely left. And the tree she used to perch in has been chopped down :( im not sure who did it or why. Probably the city. And I don't even know when it was done. I didn't even notice until D told me one day.

This picture is a picture I took before and the sweet humming bird was actually sitting in the tree when I took this.

And this is the empty spot that is there now.
It made me sad to see that it was just gone without warning. Sort of like Genesis. 

In other news it was raining here not too long ago and I saw the most amazing rainbow.
Isn't that beautiful! And the photo does not do it justice. It was so so bright. Before I got home it was actually a double rainbow.
But the second one faded by the time I got home. 

And I thought these photos were appropriate:
My rainbows with a rainbow.

And me with a rainbow (in my belly) and in the pic ;)


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