Saturday, November 16, 2013

Something Awesome

I was looking through the stats on my blog and saw a referring URL that I had not seen before. This is the link that it referenced. This is a Wikipedia page for someone named Chris Douridas. I read that name out loud several times. Douridas. I knew that name but didn't quite remember the connection or how I knew it. 

So I tried to google his name and before I could finish one of the search filters was "Chris Douridas Daughter". So I selected it and then I made the connection. Her name appeared in big letters across my computer screen.
Marieke Douridas. I knew who that was. Back when I found out about the children's memorial and healing garden in south pasadena, I came to know the lady that worked so hard to make this beautiful garden happen. Her name is Mieke. And I came to know of Marieke through her because this was her daughter. So now Chris Douridas is her husband and Marieke's father. It all came together.

But as I was looking through his Wikipedia page I found he is very well established in the entertainment industry. Working with some very big names. Working on some well known projects. Making a very accomplished resume and listed on some very well known websites. And I know anyone can edit profiles on Wikipedia, but someone who came across my blog, across Genesis story, and someone who knew of Chris and Marieke and their story felt it was appropriate to reference this blog on his Wikipedia page.


I mean, seriously, wow.

Next to mentioning very big movies he worked with, and well known people like Steve Jobs, and next to references from and, was my very humble blog about Genesis and my story. 

I was seriously shocked. Moved. Stunned. And over all so very thankful and humbled by it. I really dont have any more words to express myself. I simply find it amazing. 


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