Friday, November 15, 2013


I dont get very many comments on the blog anymore, so any time I do Im a little surprised. Yesterday I got the most lovely comment. Check this out:

I have just got to tell you. This made my day. I mean, look. This blog is about a pretty specific topic that targets a pretty specific audience. Of course as mentioned before, this is (as of right now) a public blog for all to read. Although of course the majority would probably be those that are walking the same/similar paths. 

But I especially love it when I know I have supporters/readers/followers that are not BLMs. Its amazing to me that someone who doesn't connect on that subject, but still follows my journey and even shares "Winks" with me. I was just overjoyed and so moved to receive this comment. I am also very humbled by the fact that our story is important enough to be remembered by others and even remembered in their day to day lives when they see her name. This is seriously just so amazing to me. 

So to each and everyone of you out there stumbling upon this blog. Weather you are a long time follower, drop in from time to time, have stopped by once, comment or just read along... thank you for making the time to listen to my story and know about my sweet Genesis. It means the world to me. And I don't think it odd if you do these things are you are not BLM. I find it miraculous. So bless you all for your thoughts, your support and your encouragement. Weather or not you tell me that you thought of us, or have dropped by the blog, I can feel your love. 

And for that I am grateful.


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