Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I know no one is perfect but,

Actions can still hurt. 

I know that I cant count on my family to always remember Genesis. Even my biggest supporter cannot be expected to always remember. 

My brother is usually very supportive in remembering his niece. So I was very surprised when the other day he both texted me and posted to Facebook how he was selling breast cancer awareness ribbons to raise money for the cause. While this is great cause to contribute to I really don't know his connection to that particular cause. We do not have any family history of breast cancer. I cannot recall any close family or friend that this has affected. So Im not sure why he is suddenly campaigning for this cause. 

However, he must know based on that he has done a few walks with me in the past for Genesis and also because every year I post about October being Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month, that this month is very special to me. Last year he attended the walk with me, not this year though. And that's ok. But I have always wanted to create a team for the walk, with matching shirts. Showing support and remembrance for Genesis and our family. To see the donations and registrations add up and that this dollar amount can be donated in the memory of Genesis. I have never had that kind of support. From anyone. And now he is raising money for breast cancer? Just a little saddening to me. I even let him know via text that while I appreciate him supporting that cause, October is more about Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness for me. No reply from him. 

Then the other day I posted on his wall and tagged all my family members that I would like to plan for next years walk to get a team together for the first time. Again, with matching shirts and be able to raise a little bit of money in her name and if they all would join in supporting me. After all its a year from now and they have time to plan it. I didn't get one reply. Talk about a stab to the heart.


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