Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Capture Your Grief~ Day 30

30. Growth: Do you believe you have grown or are growing as a person since the loss of your precious baby? How? How do you see other people now? How do you see the world? Do you believe you have a higher purpose? Do you believe your baby had a higher purpose?

I have most definitely grown. I feel that when I got pregnant with Genesis I was a young 20 something year old mom not knowing what to do with raising a child. I now feel I am a grown adult and provider for my children. Making informed and knowledgable decisions for my children.  I have matured. I see the world differently. Its a very scary place. Anything can happen. Your life can change in the blink of an eye. But at the same time the world is a very beautiful place. There is beauty everywhere. You have to look for it and appreciate it all. For it may not be there tomorrow. Im not sure about me having a higher purpose. I didn't know what my purpose was here before Genesis. After having her, I know that my purpose is to be a mother. To love all my children for the rest of my life. Im not sure if Genesis had a higher purpose. Perhaps it was to teach me how to be a mother, or appreciate life, and understand my purpose. Im not sure. Either way she did all those things and more for me.


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