Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Capture Your Grief~ Day 16

16. Seasons: Share what certain seasons or holidays mean to you now. What season did your baby die in? What season were they conceived/born in? Etc. Do you dread those seasons now? Are they more meaningful to you because of your baby?

Because of my religious views I don't celebrate holidays so I don't hold them as special times of the year and what I could have been doing with Genesis. However, there are holidays that do trigger me based on the fact that they are associated with her anniversary dates.

Thanksgiving Day because that is the day that I found out I was pregnant with her .

St. Patricks Day because she was born the day before St. Patricks Day, and when she was born I saw these decorations all over the maternity ward.

I do sort of dread those seasons now because it does bring me back to that time again. My heart is heavier. But they are also more meaningful because I remember her through them.


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