Thursday, October 17, 2013

A doctor update

So as I blogged about before, on October 15th I also had an appointment with Dr. Devore. 

I really hate sitting in this waiting room not knowing what awaits me on the other side of that door.

This appointment was a little easier than the last but I was still holding my breath while they were doing the ultrasound. D2 was not cooperating so they asked me to go walk around in the lobby to see if I could get him to move. We went back up and he had moved. They were able to see his heart and confirm that everything looked good. Thank goodness. But they needed to take one more measurement of his facial features but he would not stop covering his face and then he finally turned his back to us. 

During the ultrasound Marlon asked the doctor what we were looking at. The doctor seemed annoyed and didn't reply right away. When he finally replied he said "You don't have to understand what Im doing." Wow. I was shocked that he was so incredibly rude. If he was my normal OB I would have fired him.

Anyway since D2 was not cooperating guess who has to come back in another 2 weeks to get facial measurements? Yep. So this will make 3 times in this god forsaken office this pregnancy. I hate going there.

At least D2 gave us a thumbs up <3


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