Monday, September 30, 2013

Whale watching

Our whale watching trip was wonderful. We saw dolphins and many whales. The family had a wonderful time. Even I did as well.

As we were waiting to board the boat I kept looking at each of the boats in the harbor wondering which one was the one that we were going to board on. Then I finally saw it pull into the harbor. There she was. The same boat I was on when I was pregnant with Genesis. She looked vaguely familiar. 

As we boarded and got on our way out into the ocean my mind was just distracted by searching for marine life.

It wasn't until we were headed back that we had nothing to focus on but the wind and the water. By then everyone was tired and a bit sunburned and we just wanted to relax before we got back to land. As we were sitting there and I closed my eyes and let the wind put its fingers through my hair, I had those memories of being pregnant with Genesis on that same boat. To be honest I don't recall the feelings that were going through my mind... probably just more nostalgia than anything. And I turned to Marlon and said "This is D2's first boat ride." We both smiled at each other but as I turned away I suddenly had tears in my eyes.

I remembered that back in 2007, my first time whale watching was also Genesis' first boat ride. Little did I know it would also be her last. It sort of made me think that this could all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

{Ok I have to put a break in this right now for a second, just as I was typing this a dragonfly just ran into my window and caused a "thud" sound. I looked and saw it fly away. Totally a wink}

Anyway, when we got back to land I was feeling better. Not so nostalgic and sad. And then suddenly Marlon and I see Julia Roberts there with her kids! NO JOKE! I even took this photo.


Marlon didn't want me to be bothering her so this was the only picture I could get. But seriously... that has to be a good omen right? RIGHT? Ok I don't really know about that one either but it made us happy. So I guess that has to count for something. 


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