Saturday, September 28, 2013

History repeats itself, sorta

Tomorrow the we are taking the family whale watching. I've always loved the ocean and have always loved the idea of whale watching. 

I got a coupon online for whale watching that we just could not pass up. It was super cheap! As I booked the tickets I had last memores flood my mind.

The last time I went whale watching, out of the same port, and probably the same boat, I was pregnant with Genesis. I cannot remember how far along I was. Somewhere between 3-4 months. I was so ill yet I went because of my love for the ocean. I went with my then husband and my brother and sister. These are photos from that day.

I really debated on weather or not I would put the photo of my ex husband on here but he is a part of Genesis' story so I can't deny that. Though she has a new daddy now, who probably loves her and thinks of her more than her biological daddy, he is part of how she came to be. So I decided to add it. 

Looking at these pictures I had no idea what was coming in the bear future. I never would have thought she would die. 

Anyway going back to the same place doing the same thing being pregnant again gives me a very weird feeling. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. Maybe neither. I guess I'm a little sad that it reminds me of that day Genesis went whale watching with us. Makes me miss those times with no worries and I was pregnant with my first child. My first daughter. With beautiful Genesis. 


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