Sunday, September 22, 2013

Defective mother part 2

So I'm a little late with this post but the next day after my "I'm a defective mother" post, we actually had a little bit of a scare at home.

The kids and I were sharing a snow cone and towards the bottom of the cone some of the ice got hard again. So we had to take bites to crunch the ice as opposed to getting the soft ice with a spoon. G has this thing where she has to play with her food. She does it all the time and I tell her not to and to just eat and chew her food normally. She especially does this with grapes. Instead of just putting a grape in her mouth she will literally suck it up by inhaling strongly so that it pops in her mouth. She thinks it's fun.

So she did this with the ice. I took a bite and instead of her taking a bite she sucked up a piece of ice. It immediately got lodged in her throat. She instantly grabbed her throught and her eyes were looking up at me huge and filled with fear. She could not speak or make any noise. Immediately I knew she was choking. I immediately screamed for Marlon and I started hitting her back and trying to dislodge the ice. He didn't hear me so I picked G up and ran to the room he was in while still screaming for him. He ran in the kitchen and I told him she was choking. At this point you could hear her gurgling a bit and thank goodness he was able to remain calm and start patting her. He knows CPR (so do I but I totally panicked in the moment. Horrible I know...) but at this point he really didn't have to. The ice started melting and she was coughing it up.

But again another instant where I saw potentially what could have happened flash before my eyes in a millisecond. I wish I could turn it off but I can't. It's part of me and who I am and how I parent. Please don't judge me for something I cannot control (this to those who criticize me for how protective I am or how worried I can get). Anyways, a bit ironic that something like that happened so soon after my post talking about specifically that. 

So with that ill close with a photo I saw online that I thought was fitting for this:


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