Friday, March 8, 2013

Winks and triggers

Today was full of both winks and triggers. It began by one of my pregnant co-workers, of course pregnant with a little girl, announcing that today was her last day before she went on maternity leave.

It progressed by me hearing a conversation between two other co-workers about how having a boy and a girl is a perfect family and how horrible it would be to have two of one sex. Sigh.

But on the positive I have seen clovers everywhere. I was able to take pictures of two that were on the sides of cars right next to me. I saw dragonflies printed on so many items at a store I just went to. And of course since St. Patty's Day is nearing I see clovers and rainbows everywhere. It almost feels magical.

Then my sweet sweet friend gave me the cutest dragonfly necklace. That's not all, she was aware that the stones in it were identical to the color of Genesis birth stone. Seriously, how thoughtful is that?! I'm blown away and was fighting tears when she gave it to me.

Then when I got home, I saw that I had BLM mail. This BLM always, I mean always remembers Genesis' birthday. But that's not all. Not only does she remember Genesis and I but she remembers how many years old she would have been and all the little things that remind me of her. I am always blown away by her kindness and thoughtfulness. I'm not sure if you are a reader of this blog, but know there are not enough words... I cannot say thank you enough... To express what this means to me. So so amazing.
Also when D came home from school, what did I see? He had a dragonfly stamped on his hand.

And lastly while at a store I saw a hello kitty shirt with clovers! I mean seriously that was meant for me! Of course I had to get it.

I love how typical it is for me to find lots and lots of winks in the week before her birthday. I just know she is with me.


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