Thursday, March 7, 2013

So close

We are 9 days away from her birthday and I can totally tell the difference from any other time of year. I'm more anxious, stressed, emotional... And the lost goes on. I have been weepy over the last few days. I think about her more often especially while planning the balloon release this year. My family confirmed they will be coming too. If you recall last year was the first time my mom and dad and brother and sister and her husband joined me. This year they are returning along with the rainbows my nephew and Marlon. This is the first time for Marlon so it is ver special to me.

Marlon has been so supportive and I thank him for being so loving and accepting of all this.


Shauna said...

((Hugs)) <3

brigette said...

hugs mama you are in my thoughts and prayers!!

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