Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday eve winks

As usual she gave me a sign that she was with me. We have been having unusually hit weather here in LA and we have had clear skies all week. When suddenly on my drive home, just as the sun was starting to set, I see a rainbow. So awesome! I saw a rainbow last year the day after her birthday and I see one today on the eve of her birthday. As I was snapping pictures, the pink headed hummingbird flew by. Seriously amazing. I so needed that.

I've mentioned before that odd things happen around her special dates. Sometimes it's the weather or earthquakes or even odd stuff with me. Like before I mentioned I broke out in hives before. Well a few days ago I go a huge lump on my tummy. I think it was a cyst or something. It's since begun to heal but Seriously, I think I have only ever got one of these maybe twice before in my life. So for it to happen so close to her birthday it sort if makes me think of her. That probably sounds weird huh haha ya it does but oh well. It's almost as if my body reacts to her special times of the year.


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