Monday, March 18, 2013

6 years

Her birthday was magical to say the least. Here is a play by play of her special day.

I woke up bright and early at 6:00 am. I just could not sleep in. I tried but I was too amped up to get everything in order for her special day. Took the rainbows over later on so that I could go pick up the balloons and flowers without any delays. I was sure to buy the rainbows and my nephew their own balloons so that they didn't feel left out. Picked up everything and then went back home to get the family and head on out to Genesis' Garden. 

Before we left we took a couple pictures:

6 flowers for 6 years

6 balloons for 6 years
We made it there and took many pictures. Here are a few:

I decided to bring our Genesis bear to Genesis' garden for the first time ever. Seemed fitting.

 And this one is my absolute favorite. The whole family. Such a priceless photo.  
{from left to right, back row: Marlon, my brother, my mom, my dad, my sister and brother in law
Front row: Me, G, my nephew & D}
We took a family photo with Marlon, Myself, the rainbows and of course Genesis' stone and our Genesis bear.

We then wrote our messages on the balloons. This is one of the hardest parts for me. Is reading all their messages to her. So sweet but yet so heartbreaking.

This was my favorite. I told you Marlon was an amazing man <3

And then of course the balloon release:

 After the release I got a photo of the family just watching the balloons drift towards the heavens:

 Immediately after I took this picture I saw something amazing. We were all staring up at the balloons and a hummingbird flew right in my front of my view. She stayed there hovering, coming very very close and coming down nearly to the floor. She stayed for over 20 minutes! She would hover then drop to just above our heads then hover and drop to right in front of us. She followed us to my car. It was as if she was trying to tell us something. This was the most incredible wink ever. This brought me to tears. I could not believe it. My whole family saw her. This could not be something that I just made into a wink because I wanted to. It was obvious that something out of the norm was happening. It was absolutely incredible.

I know the photos are a little small, sorry. The last two you see a blur in the middle of the picture. This is where she stayed hovering right at our level then in the last photo she swooped down nearly to the ground. See that little brown thing that looks like a leaf in the grass slightly to the right? Yea that was her. She stayed near us the whole time. I was in awe. This was the most sacred moment for me:

Hello! I dont think there is a more obvious wink than that. So amazing to have witnessed it and to have captured photos. 

I took a couple more photos:

Then after that we decided to all go out to eat. It was a great lunch. While we were there I saw a wink in the parking lot, a heart:

Then we headed home. My mom kept the kids for a little bit while I got home and sort of let it all sink in. I was looking over the photos and I started to cry just reading the balloon messages again. I wiped my tears and I found another wink, another heart:
Then of course I went to go snack on some comfort food and grabbed this:
Do you see what stopped me dead in my tracks? The chocolate chips in this cookie are HEARTS! And I know the angle isn't great but there are 6 hearts on this cookie. SIX! On her 6th birthday! Come on! Can anyone else see how amazing this is? I was freaking out. I made a whole batch of these cookies the night before and of course I sort of binged the night before and a ton of them.. but the first cookie I grabbed after we got home was this one, and it was the only one with hearts. Im still in shock. 

So anyway, I left two gerber daisies with my sweetie at the park and gave one to my mom and sister and brought home 2 for myself.
Then I decided that I wanted to make a trip to the beach to write my girl's name in the sand at the very moment she was born, 5:24 pm. 
Her name got erased in the second photo when a wave came in. I re-wrote it in the 3rd photo.
This photo spoke volumes to me:

I was left standing in her erased heart after a wave washed it away. There was just a light glimpse that it was ever there. It got washed away in an instant, so easily. Hardly anyone knew that her name was there, just me and Marlon and a couple of other people that saw me draw it. But as each wave rolled in, it would completely fade away. Only I and Marlon would ever know that she was there at one time... no matter how brief. This sort of tells the story of her life. 
I was just sort of left there watching the waves. It was peaceful  rolling all the memories of Genesis in my head. 

Marlon grabbed a seashell and made this:
Isn't he just amazing? He never ceases to amaze me. He made this and threw it into the ocean. Perhaps we will meet again, you never know.

It was an amazing anniversary. The people that were meant to be there with me, were. The winks that were supposed to occur, did. 

I thank all of you who thought of us and sent your well wishes and love.


Hannah Rose said...

It looks like you had quite the special birthday celebration for your precious Genesis! I love all the winks. :) That's wonderful your whole family was able to come! Marlon seems like the perfect man for you!

Genesis' Garden looks lovely! The pictures with her bear, balloons, and flowers are gorgeous. It is really neat that you live so close to the beach! I wish I did...I am about 2 hours from the NC coast.

I think it's crazy that Lily and Genesis were both born on March 16th, Genesis at 5:24 p.m. and Lily at 4:24 p.m.! Only an hour apart. We released balloons in honor of Lily at the minute she was born. :) I love that you wrote Genesis' name in the sand during her exact minute.

You and Genesis remain in my heart and thoughts throughout this sacred month.


Lots of love and hugs, Tiffany, <3

Tiffany said...

Thanks so much! yes it was a magical day. And thank you for sending your love and keeping us in your thoughts. Much love to you as well.

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