Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life through the eyes of a BLM

Once again I have seen something online that "normal" aka non BLM person would not bat an eyelash over. I saw this:
According to this statement, she became a mother only AFTER she gave birth. So everything from conception till birth, those whole 10 months of growing, morning sickness, swelling, aches and pains... {you see where I am going with this} didn't count. 

See this is the problem with society. You are a mother the moment you conceive. Plain and simple. I think this sort of adds to the taboo with pregnancy and infant loss where if your baby died while in utero you don't count as a mother. Sigh. 

On a different topic, I thought that after having both a boy and girl rainbow that I would see pregnancy differently and not be as scared. Not that I was terrified at every single moment in my pregnancy with my rainbows, but I had more worries than I did when I was pregnant with Genesis. And rightfully so. Well, that assumption is not true. As Marlon and I make plans for our future we were obviously talking about children. More children. And as I let my imagination get carried away and I thought about the day I get pregnant again and grow another rainbow I started to get a bit nervous and anxious. I felt a glimpse of the worry that I would have, hoping that this is another healthy rainbow. I suppose it never really goes away.


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