Friday, January 18, 2013

I lost another little piece of Genesis

I had something happen to me the day before yesterday. Sorry Im only getting around to posting about it today. So I was in the nursery, which is now just the rainbows room and I was trying to open a sliding door closet to put away some of the kids clothes. The door on the right was jammed. There was something in the way and blocking it from opening. So I opened the left side and all of a sudden something fell out and hit me hard in the head and then smashed on the ground.

I got hit in the head by a lamp. This lamp:
As I stood there in a little bit of a stupor as I just got hit really really hard with something then I realized it was the lamp. THAT lamp. Back when I was pregnant with Genesis I ordered this nursery set:
Isn't it adorable? And of course she never got to use it. The rainbows most certainly did though. But that doesn't negate the fact that this set was bought for Genesis. So when I saw that the lamp actually smashed into a million tiny pieces I was sad about that. Not horribly sad but disappointed that we would have to throw it away. I really hate getting rid of Genesis things as they are all I have left of her. That she was real and there was a time where I was preparing for her arrival to bring her home. Sigh.


Mary said...

I'm so very sorry! Were you at least able to keep the shade?

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