Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some incredible stuff

I had my reading yesterday... I tell you, going into it I really tried not to have any expectations as I didn't want to be disappointed. I also told myself that this stuff is usually a joke and that they tell you broad generalizations that can apply to many people. So I guess I was more curious what would happen rather than actually get or send messages to my loved ones. 

My reading was an hour long and it started like this: 

The lady didn't know really anything about me except that I had lost a child. She didn't know when it happened, or at what age the child passed or how she died or even her gender. The first thing she told me is that she sees an older woman coming through, my moms mom. She didn't mention any names but I knew it was Abilla. She said your grandmother is here. She keeps telling me "sunshine" over and over. Then she said it was the song "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." My grandmother sang this to me as a child. She said my grandmother was giving me specifics so that I knew it was her without a doubt. I accepted this with a grain of salt as Im sure many a grandmother has sang this song to a grandchild so I wasn't sure it was specific to me. She then acknowledged that I was 1 of 4 children in my family. That is true. I am the oldest of the 4. She also acknowledged my birthday in September. She also mentioned my grandmother had an accent. Wow, um ok this is pretty spot on. Then she said my grandmother was saying "Magali and Tony"... these are her children's names... my mom and uncle's name. Wow, can't get any more specific than that. She also said the word "Abby". This took me a minute but "Abby" is my uncle's nick name that his grandchildren call him. I have never called him that in my life nor have I ever referred to him as that name to anyone else, and she knew that this was another name that he went by. Sort of in awe now.

What she said next made my jaw drop. She said Abilla was showing her a picture. A picture that was on a table or some sort of furniture piece. It had something on the picture. Something on next to it. Something actually hanging off the side of the picture. She said she wanted to say it was like a keychain or something like that. I was left speechless. I have a photo that I took with Abilla when I was younger that I put up after her funeral on my entertainment center. I had put a necklace hanging on the corner of the frame. This necklace. The necklace I had bought for Abilla many years ago. The one I took back when I knew she was leaving us and I wore it to her funeral. I put it on the picture thinking it was perfect since she was wearing it in the photo. She saw that. SHE SAW THAT. SHE. SAW. THAT. I have no words. 

But thats not all. The lady then said your grandmother is talking about a sparkle. She said you saw a sparkle in the sky. A bright light, shining, like a sparkle. OMG. Remember this post? The inexplainable flash of light on the day she died?! I told her omg she knew about that? She said yes, not only did she know about it but she made it happen. She said that it was a sign that something was going to happen. That is exactly what I said it was! I told her this. I was confused as it happened while Abilla was alive, she died about 13 hours later. She said our loved ones when coming through sometimes bring up about 3 days before they pass and have abilities to do things like this during the dying process. Wow. So according to her that flash of light was Abilla telling me that today was the day she was leaving and to prepare for that. No words. 

She then said something very specific. She said you have her earrings. OMG. Yes. I was given some of her jewelry after she passed including earrings. She told me she wanted me to pass them on to G. She mentioned G several times. Wow. 

Now I don't have my notes in front of me from the reading so I am sure to be forgetting some details and mentioning things out of the order she told me. But she told me that she saw Abilla holding a child. A girl. Not a toddler. Younger. An infant. Very young. She had big eyes....Yes my Genesis did have big eyes. She said that Abilla kept telling her that she is her sweet angel. She was holding her very tight, cradling her rocking her back and forth, back and forth. She is Genesis protector. She is very protective of her. She kept mentioning that she saw the child was a chubby baby with chubby cheeks. I didn't know Genesis like that but perhaps this is the way she is letting me know that she is healthy where she is. Im not sure. Abilla then kept saying 5 years. 5 years. The medium asked if this meant anything to me and I said yes. Its been 5 years since Genesis died. Then she said she saw something about the 18th. That one didn't make sense to me. She said to write it down it may make sense later. 

Next she said Abilla was handing me yellow roses. My favorite rose. And then she spoke of a plant outside my home. She said there was a plant to the left of the house by a fence. This was pretty incredible as my mom had planted a rose bush for each one of her kids on the left side of the house by a fence. My bush was one of yellow roses. She was trying to validate that once again she was here around us. The picture to the right shows the yellow roses in full bloom and the wood fence not too far behind it. Incredible.

The medium said often times our loved ones will answer questions we have without us having to ask them. I had always wondered if Genesis suffered. If she died right away or if it was a process. I also wondered at what time she died. Like my mom said she swears she saw Genesis move right as she was being born but the doctor insists she was stillborn. I never really knew the truth. So the medium said that Abilla was presenting her with blue flowers which signify to her a quick passing. She said Genesis had a very quick passing. It was like the flip of a switch. This brought me comfort. And in regards to when she died, Genesis said 2. Not sure what that means. Maybe 2:00 pm... I guess with that I will never really know.

The medium said she was being shown ladybugs. Not sure why but thats what they were sending to me. She was also able to tell that Genesis died from a birth defect, not an accident or a crime or illness. She said Abilla also knew my concern with an illness that is specific to boys. This is true. There was a time where there was the potential of being a carrier for duchenne muscular dystrophy which is only specific to boys, but as it turns out I am not a carrier. She kept letting me know that they are watching over me. They are very much with you. They are guiding and looking over you. She also told me Abilla was telling her there was an issue with my kids father. This is true. She was telling me that she knew about my divorce. Something I had spared telling her as she wouldn't have remembered anyway with her alzheimer's. She wanted to let me know that she was so sorry for all the pain I have gone through. She was telling the medium she felt so much pain for me. The pain was making her anxious. She told me that I am much better off without my ex husband. This I already know ha ha.

One thing that touched my heart is Abilla kept saying "Your two girls, you have two girls." As you all know it is so so important for me for people to acknowledge Genesis and as blogged about before, I still have a foreign phrase. And that is "daughters". "Girls" would fit here too. I have daughters but I live in a world where only one is acknowledged and so I can only say I have "a daughter". Abilla was giving me validation that I do have daughters. This was so very sweet and loving. And she said she was a some sort of scale, a scale of love and it showed that it was so very full. She could pick up on the bond we had and how much love there is for each other. 

One thing that caught me very off guard was she said "Im sorry but I have to ask this... are you pregnant?" To my surprise I said no I am not. Then she asked if I was trying to get pregnant. Again I said no. She said well your grandmother is telling me something about a new baby in your future. And the number 10. Im not sure if this means you will find out on the 10th of a month you are pregnant or you will be due in the 10th month... something about a new baby for and the number 10. Just write it in your notes and maybe it will make sense in the future. Wow. Um... no idea about that one. Maybe she was giving me validation that I will have more kids. Not sure. Oddly enough last night I had a dream I was pregnant with a girl. Hmmm.

She also mentioned that she knows I have been worried about G. There was a little minor something I have been worried about and perhaps it was about that. Abilla told me not to worry, that G will be ok. She then kept referencing G's eyes. And that she had Genesis' eyes. She said Abilla said "Look at G's eyes and you will be looking at Genesis' eyes." I think this finally answers the question of what color eyes Genesis had. I had always hoped that she got green as there was a 25% chance but in my heart I knew she was a brown eyed beauty like the rainbows. I think this pretty much confirms it as much as I can in this world.

Then Abilla showed the medium a foot. She asked if I hurt my foot or if Abilla had a hurt foot. Something with someone's foot. I said yes. When I was younger I would give Abilla foot massages. I gave her so many through the years. She had poor circulation and her feet would get swollen everyday. I would rub her feat to help with that. When I went to go say my final goodbye to Abilla, I have her one last foot rub for old times sake. She acknowledged that I did that for her. I can't believe it. The medium said looking at Abilla she was stunned at how beautiful she was. Smooth porcelain skin. Very light. And a classic beautify like Sofia Loren. I said yup, thats Abilla. Everyone said she looked like a movie star.

Now Abilla mentioned something that no one could possibly know unless you were in my immediate family. The medium did not speak Spanish. Yet, Abilla was telling her a spanish word. She tried to say it "Pononi" "Panini" something of that nature. Wow. When I was a toddler I tried to say "pantalones". In Spanish that means pants. But I could not pronounce it so I called them "pon-non-non-es". My family thought that was the cutest thing and it stayed with us over the years as a family joke/story. This warmed my heart. Again, more validation. She said Abilla had a wonderful sense of humor. That was for sure. That made me laugh thinking of her contagious laughter.

She kept saying "I have your sweet angel" and kept rocking her back and forth. She then presented the medium with lavender flowers. This is significant for two reasons. They were probably violets. Her name is Violet in Spanish, Violeta. These flowers were also presented to the family at her funeral. She then went on to tell me that she was worried about my mom and the amount of meds she is on and that she sees a lot of doctors. She told me to tell my mom that its not her time. Yea I won't be doing that as my mom doesn't believe I should even be doing this in the first place. 

Then something pretty specific was mentioned. She said Genesis was showing her a car windshield. I asked what color the car was as this could be referring to a couple different cars. She said Genesis was showing her a light car, maybe silver and a red car. My car is a very very light green which can be mistaken for silver at times. And my moms car is a shade of red, its maroon. When I asked which one of these cars she was talking about she said she wasn't sure if Genesis was playing with her but she told her both. This is really something. In my car I have a sun catcher hanging from my rearview mirror with her name on it. On my moms car, she has a sticker with Genesis name and birthday on it. Amazing. 

The medium asked me if I had any questions I wanted to ask. The only thing I could think of at that moment was if the signs I see are really her or am I making myself see them because I want to see them. She told me I already know the answer to that. She said you know they are signs. They really are. You are afraid of what people may think or say. Afraid of being judged and so you second guess yourself. They are signs though. As she was saying this Genesis interrupted her and said she was going to send me a sign. She said it had to do with the light above my stove. Either the light bulb was going to go out, break or flicker. Something with the light. She didn't know when it would happen but just make a note of it and see if something happens in a few days or whatever. Hmmm. Interesting. 

I also asked if it bothers her when people forget her and don't count her. The medium said no. That only matters to us when we are alive. Where they are it doesn't matter. I guess thats good to know. That only I am hurting when people do that. Id hate for my girl to feel pain. But she told me to keep doing what Im doing by keeping her name alive. Tell her siblings about her and that Im doing a good job.

One of the last things she said Abilla told her was "Always a rainbow" "You will always have a rainbow" "There will always be a rainbow". Wow. I explained this is significant to me as my kids are rainbow babies. 

Well there you have it. So much information. So much to process and Im not sure what to think.


Jolene said...

Wow, simply wow. I have no words. I've never believed in mediums either, but this is just amazing!

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