Monday, October 22, 2012

winks & things

Yesterday I had a couple of winks. Again I was coming back from doing the laundry and going up my stairs when the same (I think) hummingbird zoomed right up to me and looked at me right in the face for a good 2 seconds or so before flying off. Im not sure why it keeps happening there but Im thankful for each time it does happen. Then the rest of the day I saw dragonflies everywhere. It was wonderful.

Also some unexpected reminders. I was watching a few movies over the last few weeks and they all pretty much referenced a child of 5 years old. Sigh. 5 years old. One of these movies was Kill Bill 2. 
Im not sure if you have seen this movie...if you want to and haven't, stop reading I don't want to spoil anything. So Kill Bill one shows Uma Thurman pregnant. She gets attacked and goes into a coma for 5 years only to wake up and there is no baby. She is devastated thinking her baby died. In part two she finds Bill so she can kill him only to discover he has her daughter. Her 5 year old daughter. This was the first time she ever laid eyes on her and knew that she was alive. Man, the thoughts that went through my head. 

What I wouldn't give to find out there was some sort of huge mix up. Even if someone committed a crime and took her from me but I came to find out she was alive and well... my I really don't have the words. Watching this scene and then watching them bond was amazing. I pretended for a moment it was me given this miraculous opportunity. The opportunity to have my life changed. To have a complete life. To be truly happy again. Just like my old self. Sigh... oh to dream.


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