Monday, October 15, 2012

Some undeniable winks

This weekend and early Monday has had plenty of winks. I told you they happen on or around special days most of the time. And today being Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day couldn't be more special. 

The first wink was on Saturday. I woke up pretty early, around 7:50am and went outside to get the laundry. As I was walking back to my door a humming bird flew right up to me and then flew off in the distance. Amazing

Then Yesterday I get a text message from a dear BLM friend and over her weekend she ran into 3 people named Genesis. One was right at the mall that is very close to my house! wow!

Then this morning, probably the most obvious wink. I work with credit card processing. We deal with many merchants who charge credit cards. I provide trainings to new merchants on how to use our system. So every few days I have a list of new merchants that need to be trained. On this list of 10 merchants there was one with Genesis in the name of the business. That wasn't all. The person who sent me the email only highlighted the Genesis company with some special instructions. AND the Genesis company was number 5 on the list...the number of years she would have been old. Seriously? Really? Come on, that is undeniable. Totally made my day.


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