Monday, October 8, 2012

OC Walk To Remember~ 2012

So I did end up going to the walk. As mentioned before, my brother came along with the rainbows and I. I was sort of hesitant though for a few reasons that I mentioned before. Mr. M was supposed to be there with me and since he couldn't be, it was a huge let down. Also the experience I had before at the OC Walk was less than perfect. So I was worried there may be a repeat. But I bit the bullet and went for the real reason I should go, Genesis.

We got to the walk and it was a beautiful morning. It hardly feels like October. It's been very hot and that day was no exception. As soon as we get out and get to the all the booths I see this in the sky. A spot with a rainbow in it. I took two photos and then turned around for a moment. When I looked back at the sky it was gone. It was certainly a nice little special surprise to have happen on this day. 

My brother being there with me meant the world to me. As mentioned before, he has never been to a walk with me. And he is Genesis #1 fan :) so it was only fitting that it was time for him to go to one. He proudly wore the little sticker saying he was walking in memory of his niece Genesis. The rainbows each had their own sticker too saying they were walking for their big sister Genesis. I felt really unprepared for this walk. We had shirts made in the past and I simply did not have the time or money to do that this year. It made me a little sad. I see these huge groups of supporters. One group I think had like 30 people show up and walk with matching team t-shirts, and seeing that makes me so so happy for the family but it make me sad that I have never known that kind of support. Maybe one day.

I wasn't as emotional as I thought I would be. I handled it pretty well. Although when they started reading the names of all the babies thats when I couldn't control a few tears. Hearing all those names, all those children. It made me so sad. It wasn't even when they read her name. Just hearing people with multiple losses or when they said "all the babies lost at the _____ hospital..." It broke my heart. After a few tears were shed though I pulled myself together enough to walk up and get my flower.
As you can see I had a little something special done this time. Something I have never done before. I saw them doing temporary tattoos and face painting. I thought it was pretty adorable and why not do it.
So I got the walk to remember logo on one side and Genesis' name on the other. They made it real pretty with a little rhinestone and also with some glitter. Not sure you can see it in the photo. But it was very cute.


TanaLee Davis said...

Love the face paint! You are so stinkn pretty tiffany! Make me proud to know you went...thinkn of you-

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