Monday, October 8, 2012

Capture Your Grief~ Day 8

Day 8: Jewelry
Over the years I have gotten so many pieces of jewelry from my dear BLMs with dragonflies. Each piece touches me so much. I cherish and treasure each one of these pieces of jewelry. But when it comes to jewelry that I have purchased, there is only one piece.
When I lost Genesis, I really really wanted a memorial tattoo asap. Although my husband at the time didn't agree with tattoos. He held me back and I guess I sort of agreed because of the view we had on "damaging" ones body. Also a tattoo is serious, its permanent. It's gotta be something you are sure about 100% and it had to be perfect. Since I pretty much wasn't allowed to get a tattoo at the time, I said, well then, I am getting a bracelet with her name. I looked everywhere. I knew it just had to be perfect. Beautiful. Timeless. It had to be made of quality materials if it was to last me for all of time. I finally found a place. I worked with the ladies there for a few weeks until we came to a design that I was head over heels for. It cost me a pretty penny but it was worth every one of those pennies. I wear this bracelet on all her special days and at times I really miss her.


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