Saturday, October 6, 2012

Capture Your Grief~ Day 6

Day 6: What Not To Say

These were just a few things said to me that made me cringe, broke my heart and made me furious.

At the top of the "what not to say" list though, I have to say that what wa said to me by hospital staff was just un-expectable. I got there at roughly 21 weeks pregnant to the receptionist desk at the hospital. I told her I was there for an induction and how many weeks I was. Her reply was "it's a little early to have a baby isn't it?" And she said it in a joking way with a smile on her face. As hospital staff she should of been more sensitive to patients and their situations. I couldn't even reply to her stupid comment. In addition to that several nurses referred to my induction as an abortion. I found that to be so insulting and heartless. She was wanted, she was planned and she was loved. The end result would have been the same. I was simply turning off life support to avoid her feeling pain later on.


Jaime said...

Ugh, so insensitive... and from a medical worker no less? I think everyone in the field should be required to take some kind of sensitivity training.

<3 Genesis <3

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