Sunday, October 21, 2012

Capture Your Grief~ Day 21

Day 21: Alter/ Shrine/ Sacred Place

I don't feel I have anything really fancy for Genesis at home. There are a few little spots that I proudly remember her. Like the huge Genesis art that hangs above my desk. And the memory tree filled with her little things that sits a top my desk. I love how to the left of the memory tree you can see my rose votive with Abillas fingerprint hearts I made not too long ago. The picture on the right is of the top of my shelf I have in my living/dinning room area. Again I love how both Genesis and a photo of Abilla are together. You can catch a glimpse of my little clay family to the far right where I hold all 3 of my babies. Aside from this I have my blessing ring for all the lovely cards I have gotten about Genesis hanging on the door knob of the nursery that was meant for her. 


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