Sunday, October 14, 2012

Capture Your Grief~ Day 14

Day 14: Community
This topic is a bit thought provoking. Being in Los Angeles there are three some what local walks. Walk To Remember LA, OC Walk To Remember and Walk To Remember Inland Empire. I have not been to the last one but I hear it is lovely. I love that there are these walks available to show our support and remember our babies.

The hospital where all three of my children were born has a wonderful staff on hand when it comes to the loss of a child. I have been able to donate memory boxes in the past that they give to bereaved parents so they don't leave the hospital empty handed. When Genesis was born there they did not have a photographer like NILMDTS. I have not heard if they have it now. But they are so loving there. 

They even have a children's memorial garden there for all the babies that were not able to go home. I planted a tulip for Genesis there. I have not gone back to see it bloom yet. I think a trip may be in order soon. 

Then to specifically see a Children's Memorial and Healing Garden in the park I grew up in, Garfield Park, now Genesis' Garden... was mind blowing. I just knew her name was supposed to be there. With more and more of these special places popping up, I do believe the taboo behind child loss will become less over time.


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