Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some more lovely winks

Over the weekend Mr. M and I went to a Dodger game. I had not been to a game in a while and it was due time. While sitting in the stands, the biggest red/brown dragonfly flew right towards me, head on. It kept doing this through the whole game. It kept coming back dipping low and flying to and fro over the span of several hours. Even a little girl behind me (of course) said "Look mommy, a dragonfly!" Our seats were right in the blazing sun and after a while near the games end we moved seats to a more shady section. Even after I moved sections this dragonfly came near where I was seated. Even Mr. M noticed. It most def made me smile.

In addition to that, this morning one of my first merchants I was dealing with had my girl's name associated with it. So wonderful.


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