Thursday, August 16, 2012

She's always there when I need her

I had to take care of a legal matter the other day, its far from over but at least I got the ball rolling on it. While waiting in line I was pretty stressed with all the "what if's" running through my head. I had the wonderful Mr.M there offering his moral support which meant the world to me. But still the random thoughts popped in my head. So while waiting, I noticed the lady in front of me. See the photo to the right. Yup. She had a letter "G" tattoo on her right shoulder. It brought a smile to my face and did make me feel better. By the end of the day I was pretty stress free as what needed to be done was done and without incident. I've noticed I get winks when I need them most too. Perhaps Ill see a wink again when I go to the court hearing in October.

In other news, the OC Walk To Remember is holding a very special event next month. Its on the beach so you already know it has to be good ;)  As the notice to the left states, "This day will celebrate and honor moms who have lost a baby and the professionals who care for them. it will take place in the oceanfront Surf Cabanas at The Deck at Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach. The day will include light snacks, drinks, beauty services, a gift bag and more. If you are a mom who has lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or any other type of pregnancy or infant loss, we would love to have you attend. If you are a nurse, doctor, social worker, therapist, support group leader, mortuary employee or other professional who works with families who have lost a baby, we would also love for you to attend. There is limited space, so the first 50 to RSVP for each time slow will be able to attend. One RSVP per person. You may only attend one session. Unfortunately due to limited space you may not bring a guest." I have to be honest about this. When I first saw this I thought it was great. I wanted to sign up right then and their. But then I thought about it. I wasn't able to bring a guest. I was going to go alone. That made me feel a little uncomfortable. Then I flash backed to my last BLM meeting at the Face2Face meeting I went to. I remembered that I was the one who's loss was the farthest out, yet I was the only one who was crying like an idiot. Keep in mind that I was at a table of pretty much all pregnant mamas. We all knows pregos are totally emotional and it doesn't take much to make them cry. But even they weren't crying. I really felt like a fool and like something was wrong with me. I guess it also didn't help that night that they started with me to share our stories as we went around the table. Sigh... anyway, I'm not really sure what to expect at this event. It seems like we just get a day of pampering and basically saying thank you to the professionals that shared those very intimate moments with us. But Im also slightly worried that there is gonna be a time where we all share our stories and what not and the thought of crying again sort of terrifies me. So initially I didn't sign up. I said eh... its nice but not for me. Plus there was a limited space and I figured it would fill up quickly. Well a couple of days later I thought I would check out the event page again and I figured I was actually up to do this thing. I submitted my information not knowing if there was any spots available. I figured that I deserve to be pampered. Its about dang time something nice happened to me. A special day for BLMs at the beach for free... it really is a dream come true. And so what if I go alone. A break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is needed once in a while. So a few days passed by and I had not heard anything until this last Saturday when to my surprise I was actually confirmed for the event. Looks like I am going after all. Im actually looking forward to it. Not sure if Im gonna know anyone at this event, but either way its a day of pampering for mama. I really cannot wait.

Last but not least, I want to share a special gift I received yesterday. It was from Mr. M. Yes he knows how special dragonflies are and what they represent and who they remind me of. He is such a sweetheart to point out any dragonflies he sees flying about. Well he took it up a notch and actually got this adorable bracelet. Im touched by his thoughtfulness. I love how simple and clean this bracelet is. Im able to wear it 24/7 as it will not tarnish and there is no clasp to remove it. I just slipped it on and it will remain on. I have no plans on ever taking it off. I love that she is a tiny dragonfly. Like a baby. Like my baby. I love how she looks to be peering down on something. Someone. Just like I think Genesis pops in from time to time to give me winks and lift me up. It's just perfect. The picture really does not do it justice. There is so much detail on this tiny dragonfly. It's just gorgeous.  Here is a close up of the picture. Where you can really see the little legs, mouth and even the design on the its back.

Isn't it stunning. Im just thrilled with it.


TanaLee Davis said...

What a cute bracelet. I am happy to know your doing well. Always thinking of you my dear friend. Mr.M is beginning to really impress me- glad you two have found each other. Hugs-

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