Monday, August 6, 2012

Lots of reminders

I'm not really into sports. I will watch a game a couple of times a year but I really don't care who wins nor do I really know how the game is played. I'm more of an active participant... But anyway, the only reason I bring it up was because the other day I was gonna watch one of my shows and the Olympics were on. And for the brief second that it was on I saw this:

Do you see that? The third name down is Genesis. Wow. It sorta stopped me in my tracks. A very nice surprise.

Then yesterday while the kids were watching cartoons this came up:

One of those "Did you take Topamax while pregnant? Did you or someone you know have a child with birth defects? If so you might be entitled to a settlement...." this totally makes me think of her. It makes me mad that this was probably what caused her condom though technically I'll probably never know. And isn't it a little odd that this came on during Kung Fu Panda? Not exactly the thing Id expect to air when kids are watching.

I also had a very odd dream on Saturday night. I dreamt I was pregnant. Not just a regular pregnancy... I was pregnant with multiples. And not twins. But triplets! I was so so shocked and a bit terrified. I was having an ultrasound and we saw two babies off the bat but then a third one after moving around a bit. They were pretty big, I'd say nearly 3 months along. And they were all moving in there. Two were on the left side of the screen and they looked identical. The third one was on the right sort of by itself and a little smaller than the other two. In my dream I knew the two together were identical twins. I really didn't have words to express what I was feeling in my dream. Then a thought of horror popped in my head. I had not been on folic acid. I NEED TO ALWAYS BE ON FOLIC ACID WEN TTC AND AT LEAST 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO GETTING PREGNANT. Do I was so scared that these babies were going to have anencephaly too. The ultrasound was a regular old ultrasound, none of the 4d level 2 stuff that can detect anencephaly. But in my dream as the wand passed over my belly I saw the tops of their heads and it looked exposed to me. Just like Genesis. I was in a panic. I was terrified of losing any of them let alone all three. That's when I woke up from my dream in a cold sweat. It was so real and overwhelming and terrifying. What was even stranger was that on Facebook since I'm a doula and love birth related things, I follow a pregnancy/ birth Facebook page. This was the post the morning I woke up from that dream:

So so strange.


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