Friday, August 31, 2012

He understands more than ever

The weather here in Los Angeles has been pretty hot. So hot that I have been begging the fall to arrive sooner than usual to get a break from the heat. Out of the blue yesterday a thunder storm rolled in. My favorite. They always make for fantastic pictures. We got a little rain and lots of thunder. After about an hour or two just as the wind was blowing the storm away I was able to capture this picture. Simply awe inspiring. It was glorious. It looked like a ball of light. I was mesmerized by natures beauty and power. Of course something so glorious and amazing reminded me of Genesis. {all magical-like things do} 

Later on in the Day when D got home from school he started talking to me about his day. He told me that he told his friends that he was gonna have two sisters and two brothers. I laughed and said so you want more siblings huh? He said yea. I told him he already had two sisters. I asked if he knew who they were. He said yes "G and Genesis". Before I could say anything else he said, "but Genesis isn't here." I now see that he really REALLY understands. He understands that he had/has a sister. But since this sister isn't here, she almost doesn't count. Then he went on to ask me if he could have a new daddy. He talks a lot about getting a daddy. Breaks my heart. Right before bed as I was tucking him in he tells me "Im going to dream tonight. Im going to dream of my new daddy. We are going to meet him soon. Maybe on Thursday." He is adorable, yet it saddens me to hear him say these things. I know he longs for that father figure. And in time I hope with all my heart that he gets it. I have faith. Some things just cannot be rushed. 


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