Thursday, August 2, 2012

He loves her so much

Right now Im missing my baby girl so much. I dont know what may have triggered it but I just really miss her right now. I want to hold her so bad. I want to kiss her and look into her eyes. But I cant. I want to kiss her again. But  Ill never have that opportunity again. Goddammit I miss her so goddamn much. I feel like crawling into a ball and just crying.

I found that my brother got the dog tags pictured to the right. I love that he loves Genesis as if she were here still. He remembers her all the time. I love him for that. Even if we have our sibling arguments he always has Genesis in his heart. Seeing him wear this around his neck brought me to tears. I was so touched. I cant thank him enough for not only thinking about her but loving her like the uncle that he is. In case you cant read it the inscription says " Genesis Magali March 16th 2007 Eternally our angel love tete" Tete is the name that my rainbow babies gave him as their uncle. He sees himself as her Tete and that always makes me tear up. Thank you Stefan for being the best uncle to all my kids but especially to my sweet Genesis. You and I both know she visits you for a reason. I just know that the two of you have a relationship like no other and I treasure that as much as you do. <3 I love you.


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