Monday, August 13, 2012

An unplanned visit

Mr. M and I sat down and watched The Rabbit Hole. I had wanted him to watch this for a while as I do  for most people that are important to me so they can see a day in the life of a BLM. He was appreciative of this glimpse. I was able to explain things during the movie that he probably wouldn't have connected. Like why is she so obsessed with hanging out with the boy that accidentally killed her son (as a blm you hold on to every thing that is connected to your child's memory... everything. Because its all you have left) or like why she cried when she saw this boy going to prom (she is reminded that her son will never get to go to prom) or like why she wasn't thrilled to hear that her sister was pregnant (self explanatory) or how the people looking at the house looked at the dad when he mentioned the room was his son's who passed away (you know the you just sprouted a second head and you are insane for mentioning a dead child look). He definitely had his eyes opened to things he was not aware of before and understood on a better level how I see things. It was a good thing despite the fact that I cried all through the movie.

Also this weekend there was supposed to be a meteor shower and Mr. M and I always enjoy celestial things so I thought this could be something we could share. We live pretty much in the heart of Los Angeles so the city lights make it hard to see meteors. So we decided we had to drive out away from the city to somewhere dark and with open spaces so that our view was not blocked. Out of the blue I said hey lets go to Genesis Garden. And that was that. We drove over there at about midnight and laid in the grass staring at the heavens waiting for the display of lights. Only we didn't wait long enough to see anything. We got impatient and we wanted to go somewhere darker to see the show. Before we got up to leave Mr. M says to me "Wanna go say hi?" He was referring to Genesis' stone. I thought it was wonderful that he suggested it. Of course I said yes, I was going to do it regardless if he remembered or not. But the fact that he remembered made me love him even more. We went over in the dark to go see my girl's stone. I dusted it off and made a heart with the little wood chips that were on the floor around it. He took a picture of it which caught me by surprise. This is the first Genesis related photo he has taken. I love it.

Then the next day he came over for a swim. While we were swimming a dragonfly came to visit. I didn't even notice. He was the one that pointed it out to me. Once again, he is totally awesome for doing this. Now the weird thing. We were about 7 feet apart in the pool and then this dragonfly is zipping all around and getting close to the waters surface and then up back in the air and back down by the waters surface. It did this and the dragonfly and I came face to face. It was inches away from my face. Ive never had one get that close to me before. Even Mr. M was surprised. It definitely got my attention which I think was the point ;)


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