Thursday, June 21, 2012

A sweet surprise

This last weekend I got such a sweet surprise. One of my dear BLM friends was remembering her precious daughter and she surprised me by including Genesis in her special day. So very touching. She was so thoughtful to even go as far as to share some photos with me of her most special day.
<For the privacy of this BLM, details will not be mentioned and photos have been edited>

This BLM is such a sweetie, she is always remembering Genesis. Touches my heart every time. So, so wonderful. And did you notice its a dragonfly balloon? I have never seen one before. So awesome.

This actually came at a really good time because as June comes to an end and July approaches my year of anniversaries begins. July holds Genesis' EDD. She was due July 29th, 2007. Though this is the easiest of the anniversaries for me, it is far from easy. Its bearable now, and I may even have a pretty normal day, but at the end of the day I go to bed knowing things should have been so very different 5 years ago. As the months pass and more anniversaries arrive, each one gets harder and harder until March arrives. So I was sure of not in the mood for July to start just yet, but this has totally lifted my mood. So thank you to my dear friend and I hope to make it past July without incident.


brigette said...

What a thoughtful friend. Its so nice to know that others remember as well. I noticed in your name gallery your Genesis bracelet. Where did you get it? Its beautiful. I would love to have one made in honor of Kael. You can email me at or post a comment on my blog thanks so much. I will keep you and Genesis in my thoughts and prayers in the coming month. I know it will be a tough one!

skin moles said...

That is a very beautiful Dragonfly balloon.. Ya, got to say your friend is very sweet.

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