Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another wink...

It's been a little bit of time since Ive had a wink from her.

I am sort of going through a stressful situation right now with my childcare situation. I found an option that may work out for us. Yesterday I had to go to a new facility and drop off some paperwork to start the process. I was so worried going in, wondering if we were going to get approved or not.

Just as I was approaching the door a sweet little hummingbird flew right in front of me. She then perched on branch right above my head and just sat there looking at me though I was probably within range of touching her. As she looked at me she actually stuck out her tongue! Ive never seen a bird do that! I just knew it was a little wink to just calm my nerves and let me know that everything was going to work out.

I found out tomorrow if this new place will be approved or not. Keep your fingers crossed.


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