Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My grandmother and Genesis

Saturday morning I got a call that my grandmother wasn't doing good. She was rushed to the hospital. As soon as I heard that, I packed the kids in the car and started the 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive to Fresno with my brother. By the time we got there she was much much better and out of the ICU. I got to spend a couple hours with her and take some beautiful pictures with her. As I was sitting by her bedside many thoughts went through my head like if this is the last time I was going to see her and how badly I want to tell her about Genesis and that she will get to reunite with her much sooner than I will. 

Anyway, On the way back from Fresno my brother and I had a wonderful heart to heart. He talked to me for over an hour about Genesis. I can't believe it. He told me that in the last few weeks he hit a really low place in his life. He had no hope... He was very depressed and just wanted it all to end. He went outside at night and it was raining and instantly he saw a dragonfly. First of all dragonflies are not common here especially in the winter. I have never seen one at night or in the rain... But he did. It instantly made him think of me  and Genesis. He went to bed shortly after and had a dream. A dream about me...the rainbows and Genesis. She was an older kid and she was playing with D and G and I was just sitting back watching them. We both started crying as he was telling me his dream. He told me when he woke up he couldn't stop crying and
really missed Genesis. He said it even surprised him because he only saw her once at the mortuary for a couple minutes but yet he had a love for her as her uncle and truly missed her. Instantly he no longer felt depressed or without hope. He felt that Genesis had given him strength and a reason to go on.

I seriously cannot believe this. He didn't know dragonflies reminded me of her... He did however remember on his own that dragonflies were part of the theme of her nursery and he on his own said that they reminded him of her. Also yellow and green baby things remind him of her. I bought a ton of yellow 
and green stuff for her when I was pregnant since I didn't know her gender ♥ (I'm seriously crying typing this) so when he woke up he said he went over to my parents house and told my mom the dream about Genesis and she told him not to
tell me because it could make me sad. I absolutely hate that she said that. I had to be frank with my brother and say look, even though talking about her may make me cry I absolutely adore taking about Genesis and it's music to my ears anytime anyone remembers her on their own. He said he didn't listen to my mom and knew he had to tell me. I'm so so glad he did. When people ask my brother how many kids I have he says 3 ♥ I seriously love my brother ♥


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