Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It happened again....

I went to Pollo Loco for lunch today. I don't particularly like it there but its right across the street from my work so it's convenient. 

I actually used to go here ALL. THE. TIME. When I was pregnant with G as I craved the dollar tacos they had there. I went so much they would see me and asked if I wanted "the usual." Well once I had G the cravings went away and well, I was pretty sick of the place by then anyway. So I went back and the lady recognized me and asked how the baby was. In our conversation she asked when #2 was gonna happen. For a moment I wanted to say you mean #4 but I really didn't want to get into it as I was pressed for time. So I just said "you mean #3. I have a son at home." Then of course she knew I had a boy and a girl and the infamous "Oh so you are all set" comment came up. 

I know people mean well but who the heck came up with that if you have a child of both genders you are done? Who made that the epitome of "the perfect family"? It's so cliche. But I smiled and told her only God will know when I am done. If he choose to bless me with another child I would be thrilled. She was satisfied with my answer and left it at that. But of course as I waited for my food I felt that guilt for not including Genesis and replying with the full and complete answer that the next baby, if there is one, will be child #4 for me. I don't think I will ever have the perfect answer for this loaded question.


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