Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A few sweet reminders

Yesterday I was getting to go to the gym with the rainbows as I do everyday after work and all of a sudden D says "Genesis". My sister heard him too. We both sort of looked at each other and I asked him why he said that. He didn't really respond. Instead he looked at me and said "Genesis is in Jehovah's memory." This brought a smile to my face. Then he asks me "where are we gonna see her?" He was asking me so that I would ask him where we were gonna see her again. So I asked him where. His reply "In the new system." This made me so very very happy. I told him that too. That I loved that he always remembered his big sister and I told him to continue doing that forever.

This morning sort of out of the blue I shed a few tears. I was sort of already a bit emotional... with a heavy heart since today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my dear friend Tiffany's precious son Julius. This had been weighing on me for a bit and today it hit me. So I started out the morning already feeling like that... then on my drive to work I said a prayer as I normally do... but when I got to the part about thanking God for my children and to remember Genesis in the book of life I sort of lost it.... I started crying on my way to work. Totally unexpected. Perhaps it has something to do with that this weekend is the Walk To Remember. Either way Im not sure why it all hit, it just did.

So when I get into work today the first call I answer is from a company called Genesis merchant processing. The guy answers "Hi this is _____ from Genesis." It totally made me smile and I just know it was a wink helping me feel better. I love you baby girl.


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