Monday, August 1, 2011

Why can't she be remebered like this

Tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary. And Ive mentioned before that me and my siblings are all adopted. I was the first to be adopted but before me there was another little girl that they were going to adopt. She was born the year before me on August 2nd.

They had pretty much completed the adoption process and pretty much were just waiting for this little girl to be born. They had paid this lady's medical bills, treated her like a queen and had already started getting baby things for this baby girl. They get the call that the lady is in labor and that the baby will probably be born the next day. When they arrive at the hospital the next day to bring home their new daughter, turns out another couple beat them to it. Adoption wasn't what it is today. And a couple at the hospital heard she was giving up the baby and offered her cash right on the spot. She took it. And she and the hospital sent my parents home with empty arms.

My heart breaks every time I hear that story. I feel for them, I really do. My mom brings up that little girl every year on their anniversary. Wondering where she is and where she ended up. She was already attached. Even 29 years later this little girl is still on her mind. Because part of her already fell in love with this little girl that was supposed to be her daughter. part of her heart does consider her a daughter still.

And while I am sympathetic to this loss, because it is a loss, I often wonder why Genesis cant be remembered by my family like this. Is it because she died and it's just too sad? I just don't understand it. 


Lisette said...

Oh my what a really sad story. I am sorry that Genesis isn't remembered or treated like part of your family. Have you ever asked your mom why?

Tiffany said...

Ive tried to ask lisette but anytime I bring Genesis up I am shot down and they dont wanna talk about it.

brigette said...

Wow im so sorry.... its pain enough to have your baby gone but when people wont talk about them its even harder.. you wonderr if they even remember that they exisit... Thinking of you always mama!! Much love

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