Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A sigh of relief

Remember how I mentioned my brother and his wife are expecting and have a scheduled c-section this month on the 29th? Well great news, well at least for me anyway. I was off on the dates. It isn't on the 29th, its actually on the 27th! **weight off my heart** Seriously, the 29th is a special day for me because that was Genesis EDD. May 29th was my wedding anniversary... so despite everything that has happened, the 29th is a significant date for me. I really didnt wasnt my niece-to-be to take the 29th from me or from Genesis. So the fact that she will actually be here on the 27th is a huge relief for me. 

Moving on to another random thought/ experience I wanted to share with you all. You all know I start work very early. I leave home when the moon is still out...yes, that early. Being that Spring has sprung and is quickly turning into summer, the mornings have been quite warm. Still cool enough to make your skin cool to the touch but still warm enough where you dont really need a jacket in the morning. I love those mornings. I also love that the birds have started singing that early. Its so cute to hear all those little chirping birdies. And then of course I feel the sprinkles of dew falling from the morning sky. It's those little things that totally make my day. I love that I notice those things and its all because of Genesis.


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