Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 day challenge: Day 22

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

A few things I guess.
1. Being a BLM. Yes, baby/ child loss happens to A LOT of women but its such a isolating and devastating event that forever changes you. And no two losses are exactly the same

2. My religious beliefs and hope for the new system.

3. Being a single mom. Out of all the different types of moms out there the single mom is probably one of the hardest roles there are. You really have no idea until you are one. Ive heard of married women saying they are going to be a single mom for X amount of time because their husbands are going overseas for deployment or for work. And I sympathize being apart from your love, however that doesn't even come close to being a single mom. While you are alone with the kids waiting for your husband to come back he is sending you checks in the mail. The single mom however doesn't have anyone coming back. Ever. There are no checks in the mail. It is only "me, myself and I" every. single. day. Working my butt off all day only to get off work exhausted and to work some more. Then there are the sleepless nights where there is no one to help with the kids because once again its "me, myself and I". And all this on one measly income that hardly makes ends meet. Now don't think that I am complaining in this post, because I'm not. They are simply the facts. I have a new found admiration for single moms because I have seen first hand what we must go through. So next time you see a single mom, tell her she is doing an awesome job. She needs to hear it.


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