Friday, May 6, 2011

A little wink

So this actually happened back on 4/30. I'm sorry for my delay in posting but Ive been very busy these days... you know, a mothers work is never done ;) 

So it was Saturday the 30th and the kids were sick. We pretty much stayed indoors all day just resting and spending some family time together. The weather was gorgeous out though. My sister came over to drop something off and she started banging on the door loudly telling me to hurry up that I had to see something. I opened the door and saw the most beautiful butterfly just sitting on the banister of the balcony. It was one of these:
I had never seen one of these butterflies before. And even though I guess they are common here in CA (at least that's the info I found online), this one was rare to me as I had never encountered it before. After I saw her just sunbathing there I rushed inside to get my camera and just as I went outside she flew away. My sister had told me that she had actually seen her around my door the whole day, almost like she was waiting for me. It definitely made me smile. My sister even said "its a sign! its a sign!"  The thought did enter my mind. But after that I just went on with my day.

About 10 minutes later I had to go outside to take out the trash. As soon as I open the door I see her sitting ON my door. Of course when I opened it she flew off. I stood out there for a few seconds only to see her return and sit on her perch again. I grabbed the camera and just before I snapped a picture she was off again. She flew into the sky right above the house and then she came right back down straight for me. She fluttered in a circle all around me, almost landing on my shoulder. I cant believe how close she got. And after she circled me she flew off for good and that was the last I saw of her. 

I most definitely took that as a wink. It totally made my day.


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