Saturday, April 23, 2011

A visit

I had not gone in several weeks to visit Genesis' garden and it had been weighing heavily on my heart. I decided to take a trip with the rainbows today. Little did I know there was some sort of fair going on. Now that I think about it, I think it was probably aster related but I'm not sure as the kids and I only visited the garden.

As I was sitting in the garden a woman walked in with a baby in a stroller. She walked through the path that went past all the stones and stopped at one. I saw her stop and pause at a stone and then take a photo of it. A fellow BLM. My heart broke for her because I know her pain all too well. After a couple minutes she left and I was just enjoying the view and I noticed something pop out at me. A car parked along the street has the pregnancy & infant loss awareness ribbon magnet on it. It did not belong to the BLM that was just in the garden. I get happy and then sad when I see this. Happy that someone is creating awareness and that I am not alone in the BLM club, but sad that they know this pain first hand. I hand not seen magnet quite like this before. It said "Support Life" with two little footprints on it. Very beautiful.

I also thought I would bring Genesis, well her stone, her pinwheel from home. I thought it was fitting as I did buy one for her and the rainbows had their picture taken with theirs... This was the closest I was getting to having her take a picture with her pinwheel.

D decided to pick a flower and place it on her stone <3 so very cute of him.

He then proceeded to add his McQueen car, leaf and pine cone to her stone. I thought that was touching. And you will never guess what I saw. Not one but two hummingbirds were chirping and flying all around us <3

I also wanted to mention that last Sunday was the memorial. I had been prepping D to know how to behave in the hall. I was telling him that we were going to Jehovah's house and that we needed to respect it by being quiet. He understood and was telling me about how he was supposed to be quiet on the drive over there. Then he says "we're gonna see Jehovah... We're gonna see Genesis..." He always tells me that Genesis is with Jehovah and so he thought we were going to actually see them at the hall. What a sweetheart. I'm trying to teach him that Genesis is in Jehovah's memory, not with him but it's gonna take some time for him to remember that. What a sweetheart he is. Then wouldn't you know it... The first scripture they read during the memorial talk is from the book of Genesis. Hearing her name never ceases to make my heart skip a beat.


Wyatt's Mommie said...

I love your posts about your visits to the garden!

Wyatt's Mommie said...

Check out my blog... I gave you an award!

elena said...

What sweet little gifts to bring. I am glad that someone is raising awareness too, I'm going to look for that magnet. *hugs*

Tiffany said...

What sweet little gifts to bring. I am glad that someone is raising awareness too, I'm going to look for that magnet. *hugs*

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