Monday, April 11, 2011

This is no good

There is a story on right now about a new weight-loss combo pill. You can read the entire article here. The article starts like this:
"Two existing drugs, in combination, have shown significant promise in promoting weight loss, according to a new report. The drugs,  phentermine and Topamax, in combination with lifestyle and weight-loss counseling were associated with..."
This caught my eye as Ive been wanting to lose weight for quite some time but have not done any diets or treatments since I am still nursing. But I took a look anyway to see what this was about. As I was reading this a word in the above quote stopped me dead in my tracks. Topamax 

Let me go back in time just a little bit here. Back to before I had any children. I have suffered from migraines for many years. I don't exactly remember when they started but it was after I graduated high school. That's for sure. So for at least the last 10 years or so. Migraines are nothing new for our family. My mother has suffered with them for the majority of her life as well. Since she had been seeing a doctor to get medication for them she then took me to her doctor to see if anything would help me. This was the first time I was actually getting migraine medication and not your everyday Motrin or Tylenol. I needed something that would bring relief and was willing to try anything. The name of the medication he put me on was Topamax. I honestly don't remember taking it for that long. I took it sparingly mostly because I didn't like the side effects. I eventually just stopped taking it mid 2006. And that was the end of hearing about Topomax.

Until December 2009. When Brittany Murphy died. What does Brittany Murphy have to do with anything? Ill tell you. TMZ reported all the medications that Brittany was on when she died. One of these was Topamax. This instantly set off a little light bulp in my head. TMZ reported that its an anti-seizure med and also prevents migraines. I instantly remembered that my dr gave it to me for my migraines. Then I made the connection.... studies have shown that taking anti-seizure meds during pregnancy or shortly before can contribute to the occurrence of Anencephaly... The dr that gave me that medication did not tell me a thing that it could cause any birth defects or that it was also used to treat seizures. I am convinced that this is what contributed to her condition. Had I only known. 

But getting back to today's article on CNN. This new weight loss method includes Topamax and its so very dangerous in my opinion. What group of people are more likely to want to loose weight {obviously besides people that are actually over weight}? Young women... because what woman doesnt have some body issues. And if women in child bearing years take this not knowing the risks they too can have Anencephaly happen. The thought is terrifying. I have left a comment on the article regarding this as well as others have noted the dangers of this drug. I hope they yank this new method off the shelves as its potentially fatal.

In other Anencephaly news: They have now found a link between Prozac and Anencephaly. Wow, this is just huge. Im glad that they are getting answers with their study. And in doing a little research on the web it seems I have grouds for a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Topamax. I have contacted a legal firm and should hear from them shortly. Even if I do have a case, no amount of money will ever bring her back. You cannot put a price on a child's life. I only hope that if I do have a case that it brings attention to the dangers of this drug and hopefully help save the lives of innocent babies.


TanaLee Davis said...

Wow!!!! Im ticked with most of the medicines out there. Most don't even have all ingredients listed.
You know new drugs and even old are not properly monitored and the risks in taking are high....we have been left to fend for ourselves and "learn" what the side effects are with many years of use...what a crappy thing huh?
Thanks for sharing-

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