Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My happy list

I am in need of a pick me up and I often come back to my blog to reread my own posts. Remind me of memories and events that I may have forgotten about. This blog is Genesis' special place in the universe. Where I can blog about anything Genesis' related, about feelings and vent about things that maybe I don't have the strength to say out loud in real life. It's a place where Genesis lives on and where faith is lifted and strength is renewed. But I have found that there are many more negative posts than positive. I certainly don't consider myself a negative or down person... though Genesis dying was most definitely a negative event. I realize as imperfect humans we gravitate to the negative much of the time. But I am making it my resolve to also blog about uplifting and positive things a lot more. After all this blog is also here to help uplift those that are hurting as well.

So with that in mind I have decided to share a happy list. A list of 15 random things that make me happy.

1. Of course topping the list would be my kids. All of them. I didn't know how badly I wanted to be a mother until Genesis left me. Since having my rainbows I have found such fulfillment in being a mother. It truly is my calling and purpose. My children bring me a happiness that is immeasurable. They literally saved my life and have given me purpose. They are a piece of my literal heart walking around outside of me. 

2. I absolutely am enamored with pink jasmine. My parents have two very large jasmine bushes in front of their home and the fragrance is just divine. When these beautiful little flowers bloom in the spring and summer its just heavenly. To smell that sweet scent drifting in the warm summer breeze is just glorious. I bought one of these in a flower pot way back when and evidently I don't have much of a green thumb. Not only that but these really don't flourish in pots. And did I mention how hard it was to find a place that sold pink jasmine? I had to call dozens of places for months before I found a place that carried exactly this kind. I guess its very sought after for its beautiful fragrance. 

3. Soda. Let me take a step back here. I never and I mean NEVER used to drink soda. I guess I can thank my mom for that. I never had any cavities in my life and I suppose that was probably why. But when I got married my husband was an avid Coke drinker. He got me to jump on the soda bandwagon. Though my soda of choice is Dr. Pepper, there is something about a freshly poured, fizzing, ice cold glass of Coke on a hot day. No seriously. It's so soothing. That caramel liquid with icy chunks swooshing around millions of tiny rich bubbles. It's almost an indescribable goodness. I have tried to quit drinking soda as I know its not the best thing for you but I am hooked. I get caffeine withdrawals so bad that it triggers migraines. It's a love hate sort of relationship ha ha!

4. I love sunsets and sunrises. I used to think the best sunrises were in the cloudless clear skies of So Cal but I have quickly found that clouds make a beautiful sunrise/sunset magnificent. I love how unique each sky is. There are no two skies every exactly the same. It's ever changing and the sky you saw 5 minutes ago is different than the sky now. So vast and flowing with beauty. So inspirational. 

5. Photography. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally have a decent camera. Many thanks to my parents who gifted this wonderful item to me. I have not had a lot of free time to really get to know my camera and to really perfect the art of photography, but it certainly has already improved the quality of my photos as well as given me so much inspiration. Ever street and tree and view is an opportunity to photography.

6. Rain. I absolutely love the rain. Here in sunny Southern California we have many blue and clear skies. And while "good" weather is desirable I personally long for actual weather. So when it rains its just divine. I love the dark, cloudy skies. The smell of the rain in the heavens ready to shower us. The sound of it falling. How fresh it leaves everything. And then the winds that follow, blowing the leftover clouds away. Its just wonderful.

7. The beach brings me such peace. I am very fortunate to live so close to it. Only problem is the traffic in LA. Getting there takes a while and the beaches are often overcrowded. But they are so very peaceful despite all that. Love the smell of salt in the air, the sounds of the gulls singing, the millions of grains of sand beneath my toes and watching the waves crash on the shore. I could sit and watch the ocean for hours. There is something therapeutic about it. 

8. Genesis' garden. Having her name added to the Children's Healing & Memorial garden in my childhood park has been very healing for me. I am beyond thrilled that she is there. Visiting this garden is such a peaceful thing. I meditate there and its almost a spiritual experience. I feel recharged after each visit. This little garden brings me so much joy and peace. 

9. I am an organization freak. I think this is probably one of the things I am most OCD about. I hate mess. Everything must be in its place. ALWAYS. I get anxious when I see things out of order. Naturally having kids means things will be out of place. Almost ALWAYS. So I am always cleaning up the same messes and looking for lost items. I have tried to loosen up and let the kids be kids because really... who cares if the legos are on the floor or if Lightening McQueen is missing in the grand scheme of things? So I have let more things go than I usually do but now I am in need of another organization fix :) I cant tell you the satisfaction I get after I have organized everything. By color, by size, by type of item... its just wonderful. Seeing everything in order is quite rewarding and beautiful if I might add. Very gratifying.

9. I love those rare opportunities I have to do something for myself. These moments do not come often enough. Maybe a couple of times a year if that. But when they come, I am on cloud 9. Weather it be to get my hair done, or a mani pedi or whatever, that mommy time is priceless. For a moment my life slows down for a couple of hours where I can just inhale and exhale. I can regroup and remind myself that I am worth it. And value my strength and beauty as a mother.

10. Summer. I love everything about summer. The heat, the pool, the BBQ's... its just all around great. I think it may be my favorite season. Along with summer comes tans. I love being tanned. I used to lay out in the sun when I was younger but no way will I do that now. Luckily my skin is still pretty good despite all the hours I had previously laid out in the sun. {though I cant stand all the freckles on my face} Getting back to being tanned... I thoroughly enjoy a good sandal tan. I don't know what it is about it but I really like having one :)

11. This photo kind of combines two things that make me happy. The first is scooters. I went to Key West once and this cute little town had a place that rented Vespa scooters. Though I wanted to rent a scooter I wasn't able to since I had already made plans to go snorkeling. But watching everyone tour the streets on these adorable little scooters in their swimsuits and sandals along the beach was just the cutest thing. Like free little spirits zipping around. One day I will get a scooter of my own. In mint green with a cream seat :) The second thing this photo has that I makes me happy is vintage items. I cant tell you what a great thrift store/ antique store find is. Its like you won a sort of lottery or something. And its even more awesome if its an item that I remember from my childhood. 

12. Disney movies. Having children has reintroduced me to Disney movies. They are so beautiful in their own ways. Some its the storyline. Others its the animation. Many of them are quite hilarious. Watching Disney movies with my kids has quickly become a favorite pastime in our home. Nothing like a family movie night, complete with kettle corn.

13. Night swims. I grew up with a pool in my parents home. I have been fortunate enough to have a pool in my home now. And though I love swimming in the pool on a hot summer day and eating hot dogs wrapped in bacon while sipping on some ice tea... nothing beats the night swims. There is something magical about a lit pool with its glowing water in the dark. Its both relaxing and enchanting floating on my back on the cool water staring at the stars overhead. 

14. Good food. Ok now who doesn't love some good food lol In-N-Out is my most favorite fast food ever. This popular food chain is only in 5 states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah. (anyone visiting any of these states, you have got to try it sometime) Thank goodness I'm a Californian haha! But it doesn't have to be just In-N-Out...any good food just puts me in a great mood. I remember early on when I was a little girl that as I was eating my favorite dishes my legs would swing back and forth beneath the table and I would almost hum as I ate. Yes, good food would make me sing and dance. Still does :)

15. I love taking the rainbows to new places. To discover this big world and to learn at every opportunity. Weather its taking them to the zoo, a nature walk, doing art projects, planting a garden... all that stuff. Seeing their little eyes open large and in amazment of the simple things like a butterfly landing on a flower makes me ever so happy.


Shannon said...

LOVE THEM ALL !!!!! I totally hear what you're saying. We tend to focus more on the bad/negative things around us. You make me want to do a happy list bc girl, I SO NEED ONE!! xoxox

Raquel said...

Love your list! It's awesome to sit down and just reflect on happiness.

Also, you won a giveaway on my page. Email me rcalderon2629@gmail.com.

Sending you hugs!

TanaLee Davis said...

I miss In-&-out. It was a good fast food place at least for what I can remember.

Great happy list...I love the foot bath time. One of my fav's as well.

Oh and to answer your comment on my blog...im feeling better...got the stitches out today. :)


Caroline said...

Loved your list and I'm gonna have to try In and Out so many people tell me it is good. I have only been in Nevada almost 4 yrs.

It's nice to write these all down.
Have a great one.

Busy Momma said...

i heart this post. i think you should be a professional organizer! those people make good money. if i had the money i'd pay you to come organize my house...altho you might faint if you saw the state of disorganization my house is in!!

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