Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new tab

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new tab up at the top of this blog. Its the "Folic Acid Resources" tab. I wanted to stress the importance of folic acid not just while TTC and in early pregnancy, but in everyday life. If you are anywhere between your early teens and 40's, you need to read this section. Whether or not you are trying for a baby doesnt matter. 50% of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. By the time a mother finds out she is pregnant its more than likely too late to do anything about folic acid consumption. 

I am a huge advocate on folic acid. I give all my clients information on this (did you know Im a doula?) even though that information isnt really helpful in their current pregnancy, they are certainly going to find it useful for the next pregnancy. This information could possibly save your baby's life. So please help spread the importance of folic acid in women of childbearing age. 


Mason said...

Thanks Tiffany! I will make sure to go get some folic acid=) I always wanted a doula!

Holly said...

I'm a folic acid freak!

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