Monday, December 27, 2010

More mail

I got an amazing package from a new BLM friend I recently blogged about (she shall remain nameless in case she doesn't want to be known). Even though we have not *known* each other long, I swear it feels like we have been life long friends. And I know that is where we are headed too ;) I find this in the mail today:

Look at how beautiful that is! I have no idea how she did that glitter decor but its amazing. The picture does not do it justice. It's addressed to Genesis and I <3 data-blogger-escaped-are="" data-blogger-escaped-daughter="" data-blogger-escaped-her="" data-blogger-escaped-i="" data-blogger-escaped-ladybugs="" data-blogger-escaped-s="" data-blogger-escaped-the="">thing. So when I saw them I immediately felt the love from both her and her baby. I opened it to find this gorgeous hand made card:

She remembered the dragonflies in this most beautiful card! I can't tell you how much this card touched me. It made me cry happy tears. I found this along with the card:

See the ladybugs? I love how this mama sends me the love she has for her little girl. I opened it to find this inside:

Another adorable ladybug. I love it! And she remembered that yellow is Genesis thoughtful! And this was wrapped up inside:

Omg how cute!!! And this was just the box the surprise was in. How cute that she remembered Genesis even on the box. And last but not least, here was what was inside:

The most beautiful dragonfly earrings ever! And they are purple!!! Purple is one of my favorite colors! And she didn't even know that, I don't think lol and did you see the inside of the top of the box? Such a cute flower sticker. There was not one centimeter of this package that was not carefully thought over and touched with love from this BLM. It radiated love. I could feel the love she has for Genesis as well as the love she has for her precious daughter. This gift simply left me speechless. Really, the kindness of my BLM friends is beyond amazing. And it's not because of the material things. Those are just the cherry on top. I cannot thank you enough for the love you send me. And I briefly touched on the fact that I was out of town last week on my last post. I saw ladybug things everywhere I went. I think someone wanted me to know their mommy was thinking of Genesis and I just as I was thinking of her and her mommy. I thought I would include a picture if the earrings in action :)




Jill said...

What a wonderful friend. Love the dragonfly earrings!!

Tiffany said...


brigette said...

How amazing!! What a great gift to recieve so much thought and love in this package!!

Maggie said...

Oh wow, it just gets better and better! What a wonderful gift. :)

Wyatt's Mommie said...


Holly said...

I love how thoughtful everyone is!!

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