Monday, December 13, 2010

The bad & the awesomely good

I got some BLM mail the other day. My dad was the one who got the mail and he came into the house saying "We got an odd letter today." I didnt know what he was talking about. He said that they got my moms name messed up. Which isnt really surprising in itself. My mom's first name is Magali. (It's Cuban) And her name is always written incorrectly or misspelled. So when my dad said this I wondered why he commented on it since it has been happening for decades.

He brings the card in and its addressed to Genesis Magali Lopez.
He says "what is that all about? who is that?" I quickly grabbed the card, since it was obviously meant for me, and replied "Are you kidding me? You dont know who Genesis is? She's my daughter remember?" He quickly corrected himself saying he knew who she was but didnt know that her middle name was Magali. Um, he should know as Ive mentioned it several times in the last 3 1/2 years. Sigh. At any rate, I didnt let his comment get me down. I was just so excited to have anything that remembered Genesis. This was the first letter I have ever received addressed to her. And I LOVED it! At the same time I got another card from another BLM and she also was remembering Genesis with me.
And I know Ive said it before and I will continue to say it... I absolutely LOVE BLM mail. It is my magic happy pill.

In other news, I took my rainbows to the park yesterday. The park that I blogged about here. I cant tell you how much I love this park. My whole childhood revolves around this park. And it brings me great satisfaction to bring my rainbows here. And the new children's memorial garden has made it an even more special place for me.

Speaking of the children's memorial I was walking through it yesterday I noticed that there are now names of children that are in the garden. I dont know if it was there last time I visited and I missed it, or if this was something new they added. Either way I thought it was beautiful. I thought I would share some photos.
This little girl was murdered at the age of 7 in 1987

I went to high school with him. He was 1 yr younger than me. He died in a car accident on the way back from Vegas.

I also went to high school with her. She was a senior when I was a junior. She too died in a car accident while racing her boyfriend on the freeway.
I found myself fighting tears as I read the names. Especially the ones I posted pictures of. And then it hit me. I want Genesis' name here too. Its the most fitting place in the world for her to be. This park would be even more special than it already is for me. So I did a quick google search and found the organization in charge of establishing this memorial garden and found the section about how to add your child's name to the garden. I immediately sent them an email. As I was typing, the tears just started falling. By the time I hit 'send' I was bawling. But I felt so good sending that email and I want nothing more than to have her name here at this special, almost sacred, park. It would mean the world to me to have her special place here and my rainbows and I can come and visit her here anytime we want. Im still waiting to hear back from them. Im a little worried as to how much something like this would cost. But Ive decided no matter the price I am going to do it. Even if it takes me years of saving money.

When I got home my mom and I got to talking. And she told me that her father and her grandmother are buried in cemeteries not too far from here. This was shocking to me as I thought all our family members had been cremated. And all these years I had no idea they were within driving distance. I am determined to visit them. My grandfather passed away before I was born. He is buried at Forrest Lawn. And my great grandmother passed away when I was 18 months. She is somewhere is Oxnard. My grandfather, from what I am told, still doesnt have a headstone and my mom and dad have recently come into some money from an inheritance and getting him a head stone is on the list of things to do with this new money. 

Speaking of the money... I mentioned the memorial garden at Garfield Park and told her they have names there now and that I want Genesis name there. She thought it was a fabulous idea. I told her I emailed the organization but have no idea how much something like this would cost. I asked if she might be interested in helping pay for it. To my surprise she agreed. I cant tell you how happy that made me. I just started crying. We got to talking about Genesis. And though I was crying the whole time, I loved talking about her. 

Then later in the evening I was going to sit down write this blog post actually, and the phone rang. It was a new BLM friend that I had recently 'met' through blog land. This was the first time we had ever spoken on the phone. And even though we didnt really know each other, talking to her felt like I was talking to a long lost friend that I had known my whole life. I just know in my heart that God made our paths cross. And get this, she has a niece named Genesis. Hello?! Is that not a sign or what?! But this BLM and I connect on SO many levels. More levels than I have ever connected with any other BLM and non BLM, ever. I really think this is the start of a beautiful life long friendship. Its even deeper than friendship though... and I dont want to sound like a weirdo or anything but we are more like sisters. Sisters in the BLM world, sisters in our faith and sisters in friendship. I had been praying to meet someone like her for a long time and now my prayers have been answered. 

But we talked about everything and anything yesterday and before you knew it we had talked for almost 4 hours. 4 hours! I cant remember the last time I talked to someone for that long. But it seriously only seemed like maybe an hour at most. It was fantastic getting to know her and I enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to watching this friendship bloom.


Tiffany said...

how wonderful. so much good happening! <3

Wyatt's Mommie said...

I too received a letter addressed to Wyatt.... BLM are amazing, the things they think of that brighten one's day!!!!

Much love!

Angie said...

How sweet! I'm so happy you made such a strong connection. I can't even describe the importance of my BLM friendships. That park sounds incredible, I'm so happy that your mom agreed to help pay for Genesis's name to be added.


TanaLee Davis said...

Crying!!!! beautiful post!

Jessica said...

<3 beautiful post and wonderful that your mother agreed to pay and that you got to talk with her about Genesis :)

Maggie said...

I too love BLM mail! BLMs are amazing. :) By the way, hop over to my blog, you won an award! XO

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