Sunday, November 14, 2010

A very special package

I received something in the mail yesterday that totally made my day. It was a little something from a very dear BLM friend of mine. I loved everything about it. Seeing her name on this package touched my heart that she was thinking of me. It was one of my most favorite shades of green to top it off. This was on the front of the envelope:
Inside were so many beautiful treasures. First I got this beautiful card:
It had the most beautiful words and thoughts written inside that made me tear up. Then there were the most adorable little gifts. Check them out:
Isnt this so creative and awesome!?
I had to put this feather on my fridge. Its just fabulous! I mean really, I would have never thought of this. And only she knows how she put Genesis' name on this. Its just the most unique and wonderful thing with Genesis' name on it that I think I have ever seen so far. Really, to say that I freaking love it is an understatement. And how sweet the wrist warmer with a dragonfly. The thoughtfulness and remembering the little things like this means ever so much.

And the biggest, hugest most spectacular part of this package was a photo that was enclosed. This most wonderful BLM send me a photo of her precious baby boy. I know for some of us BLMs sharing photos of our lost babies is not easy. I know it has been very tough for me. And this mama shared with me this photo on facebook a little while ago. It was an honor to have the opportunity to 'meet' her angel baby and to have this most precious photo shared with me. And then to send me an actual physical photo... wow. I am just so touched. Really, I just dont have the words to express how much that meant to me. I dont want to post his picture here out of respect for his mama but know that he is on my fridge along side photos of my rainbows, cousins and nephews. After all, this BLM is like a sister to me so he is in a sense my nephew as well. And can I just state that he is absolutely gorgeous. So perfectly made. 

So thank you to the moon and back my BLM who sent me this wonderful gift. You know who you are and I am so very lucky to have crossed paths with you. We are definitely bonded for life. Love you!


Angie said...

So Sweet:)

Wyatt's Mommie said...


mrsnice777 said...

How beautiful! We are so blessed to have such a community of loving and caring women online.

Hope your day is blessed!

Jessica said...

Beautiful gifts! So thoughtful :)

Jaime said...

Total sweetness!!


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