Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Rainbow Party

Yesterday was a blast! So the party started at 1:00. Naturally people showed up fashionably late. No biggie, I kind of expected it. What I didnt expect was that not everyone would show up at the same time.

We had people arrive in waves. Two people, then 3 people 3 hours later, then 3 people 2 hours later and 2 people an hour later. All the meantime people were leaving here and there and no one was all here at the same time lol It was kind of funny. I wish that all my BLM friends were able to come but unfortunately many could not for various reasons. I was really looking forward to meeting Bridget from Molly Bears but at the last moment was not able to come. I totally understand why she couldn't I dont blame her. She did say to look out for a little special something that day though. And to my surprise she sent the most beautiful flowers. It seriously brought tears to my eyes when I saw it arrive. I could feel the love she sent all the way from San Diego through these precious flowers. 

I had 3 BLMs attend in all. Monica, Cassie and Karen. I just have to get this out there as well. Before the guests arrived I let my family know that I am having BLM friends coming as well. I went over the "what not to say/ask". The last thing I wanted was for one of my BLM sisters to get hurt at my rainbow party. My dad is in his 80's and very distracted and a bit senile if you ask me. I was beyond mortified when the very first thing he asked Karen was "So, do you have a child here?" I was sitting right next to Karen when my own father asked her this. Karen and I were I guess a bit surprised and shocked to hear this question. I was just furious and I was hinting for my dad to lay off the subject. And poor Karen just replied "no." God that ripped my heart out. My dad being very absent minded probably didnt get the hints so I had to pull him aside to another room and spell it out for him. I hope this didnt ruin Karen's time here. On the up side, she did hear Mason's song playing at our party. She told me that it follows her everywhere. I thought that was so sweet. Mason was totally at the party in spirit.

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Cassie for still attending even though she had another party to attend afterwards and for coming with a sprained ankle and her 2 yr old. Im sure that took a lot of energy and was a struggle. It means so much to me that she took the effort to coming to this very special celebration.

The rest of the people that were there were just friends and I appreciate that one friend in particular, Monique, wasnt scared to ask me about Genesis when Karen and I were talking about our babies that are no longer here. It really meant a lot to me. I also really appreciated her showing up as I have not seen her since high school and even then she was more my brother's friend than mine. But things have changed in the last 10 years and Im very lucky to have her as my friend. She too is a single mom and I know that most things are a struggle with a child. So I know that it took effort to come to the party. I hope she and her beautiful son Christian had fun.

We played some games and gave away prizes. All the kids had a fun time. D made lots of new friends and so did G. G was passed around and everyone loved her. They all said they wanted to "bite her" because of all her little chunky rolls lol. All in all it was a great party and everyone had a great time. Since there are SO many photos I made a slide show of them. Take a look. (and as always, to see all the photos with my rainbows in it head on over to my facebook page.)


mrsnice777 said...

Your party looked lovely! I especially like the butterfly shaped ritz crackers!! Where did you find them?! :-) Also, beautiful cupcakes.


Tiffany said...

Thank you Jamie! I found the crackers at the grocery store. They came in a box of assorted shapes and I had no idea there were butterflies until I opened the box. A very nice surprise indeed!

Michelle said...

Wow, looks like you know how to put on a parrrtay! There are a few things I must know..did you make those paper flowers that looked like they were hanging from the ceiling? Did you play a game with rainbow bows that someone was holding? did you make those rainbows for the cupcakes? =)

Tiffany said...

Thanks Michelle! No I didnt make the paper flowers... well I guess maybe I did. A seller on Etsy sells them and they arrive folded. I had to manually pull apart 24 layers of tissue paper on each flower to make the poof. Each poof took about 10-15 min and the tear very easily. So I didnt really make them but I brought them to life :)

The game with the rainbow bow was a pin the bow on the hello kitty. I made a bow-less hello kitty out of cardboard and a bow for each child that was going to be at the party. The way it works is you blindfold the child and have them place hello kitty's bow in the right place. And who ever gets the closest gets a prize.

As for the rainbows on the cupcakes... nope, cant take credit for making them. Wish I could. Once again I bought it on etsy. They were 100% edible, even the glitter. I think they were made of fondant, not sure though. They were very good though :)

Holly said...

I'm glad some of your BLM friends could come! How lovely that one of them sent flowers. I love those ice cream sundaes!

Trena said...

Your party looked absolutely amazing. You did such a beautiful job! And that cake was gorgeous!

Jaime said...

It looks like it was a lovely day!! What a beautiful way to celebrate your little lady... with fun for you too!


Meghan said...

Oh Tiffany!! What a wonderful amazing!!! I have no idea how I was not following this blog.. I thought I was. I am now :) Im gonna catch up on your posts...You are such an amazing spirit!! xoxoxoxo

Sarita Boyette said...

What a lovely party for your rainbow! Loved the slideshow!

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