Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st Annual So Cal Bereaved Parents Lunch

I didnt mention on here about a BLM BBQ I was invited to because honestly, up until the last second I didnt think I was going to be able to make it. Luckily I was able to make it and what a great time I had there today! Rachel from Triplet Butterfly Wings hosted it. (You may remember that I met her at the rainbow lunch) I knew which house was hers as soon as I drove by it. She had this sticker on her car that I saw the last time I met her. I absolutely love this sticker. Not only that but she had butterfly decorations all over the front of her house. At the doorstep I saw these precious babies:
Jaxon, Colin & Courtney aka Jacoco
I have been wanting to get one of these for a very long time. But seeing hers made me totally smile. As I entered her home I noticed butterfly decorations everywhere. It was really beautiful and it felt so tranquil. Speaking of tranquil... the backyard. WOW! I got to see all the caterpillars, the cocoons (sorry I know this isn't the correct term for them lol) and the lingering butterflies and humming birds flying all around. It was just gorgeous. Then I saw what I had been looking forward to the most... "The Butterfly Wall." 
It was really amazing. I could feel the love that was put into that wall. And even though it is sad that each butterfly represents a baby, I wasn't really sad looking at it. It was almost awe inspiring. I felt so happy looking at this beautiful piece of art. I tell ya, if it were my house I would never be able to move. I couldn't leave this magnificent wall behind. And if I had to move, then I would take that wall with me. Brick by brick if I have to ha ha! But hopefully Rachel and her family will not be going anywhere anytime soon because I definitely want to come back. I was really looking forward to painting a butterfly for Genesis. Since I had learned of this wall I dreamed of the day that I could do that for my baby and today was that day. It was finally here. As I was painting her butterfly I was so incredibly happy. It was a beautiful day, the breeze was blowing through my hair, the beauty and peace of the garden surrounded me and I was doing something so beautiful for Genesis with my rainbows. It was amazing and the calm feeling that came over me while doing this was something I cant even put into words. It was just wonderful. Here is Genesis butterfly that I painted for her:
I got to see Bree again, the BLM who has hosted the rainbow lunch, her husband and of course little Nora. Nora however was so much bigger, at least to me, than when I saw her before. Little miss Nora was also quite the social butterfly and was smiling and cooing and laughing for me! I totally felt special that she was doing that just for me! (or at least Id like to think it was lol) Bree got to paint a butterfly for Ella on the wall as well. Nora was asleep in her moby as Bree was paining and it was the most beautiful photo.

I got to meet Tina who I had previously met through facebook. She was there with her rainbow Gigi and older daughter Emma. She painted butterflies as well for her babies Sophia and Ellie. Tina mentioned to me that on the way there they saw a sign off the freeway that said "Genesis Orchard", I think it was, and she totally thought of me. That just touched my heart. Here is Tina and Gigi and Bree and Nora.
There was another BLM there with her son and husband and Im so embarrassed to say that I dont remember her name. I was running after D, nursing G, painting, admiring the scenery... it was a lot going on for the 2 hours I was there so I was totally distracted. Im sure Rachel will remind me. We too a lovely group photo with all our children...well living children (you know what I meant). Im not posting it here because once again I dont like to put my kids photos out here for all the internet to see. But if you are my friend on facebook, you can check them all out there.

The food there was phenomenal. No joke. It was out of this world good! I forgot to mention how this trip was made possible. Rachel lives about 60 miles from me. With Los Angeles traffic that was about a 1 1/2 hours there and 3 hours back. I am not able to take trips like this on my own because G needs to nurse and I am not gonna leave her in the backseat crying the whole way and I think its dangerous for me to pull over and feed her with just me and the kids. So my dad came through at the last minute since he saw I wanted to go so bad. Then my sister and nephew came along as well since my dad didnt want to leave them home alone. 

Im so very thankful that Rachel was ok with my dad and sister coming since they really are not part of the BLM community. Yes the lost a granddaughter and a niece, but as mentioned before, they dont see it like we do. But they were totally impressed with how we keep our babies memories alive and totally impressed with the work that Rachel does with Triplet Butterfly Wings and how its incorporated into pretty much every aspect of her home. I hope its at least helped them see the BLM world a bit differently.

On the way there and back home I saw TONS of heart clouds. I even saw 2 butterflies in the clouds. Check em out:

I can actually see 3 hearts in this one <3 Jacoco <3



Another butterfly
It was a wonderful experience and I cant wait to go again next year!


Tina said...

It was great to meet you and your rainbows! Hutch totally got a kick out of your dad, he shared some great stories. On our way home we saw a butterfly cloud too! See you soon (I hope!)

Jill said...

Thrilled that you were all able to get together. I wish I lived closer!! Love the butterfly for Genesis.

Lisette said...

I wish I could have joined you guys again but I had a family thing that I couldn't miss. I seen the pictures, so beautiful. It looks like a wonderful time. Hopefully we will not have to wait until next year to meet. BTW the butterfly for Genesis is beautiful.

Jessica said...

That wall is absolutely amazing. I was thinking the other day that I don't think I will EVER be able to get rid of the doves that I have made. I think I will always have them. Forever. <3

Holly said...

How awesome! I love that you get to meet up with them!

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